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Linguistics Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career & Skills Required

Introduction to Linguistics, Jobs, Scope,Branches, Topics, Degees, Areas of Speciliations, Career & Required Skills

Linguistics Definition
Linguistics is the scientific study of a specific language. We study about the structure, sounds, grammar, sounds and organization of words, sentences, and meaning in linguistics. We also study about the history and origin of a language in this subject. A Linguist have to study the history, traditions, values, culture of the people and their philosophy too for having better idea about the evolution of a language.

A Linguist compare the languages for research purpose. He try to develop new and easy methods to guide the students about the structure and use of a language. He improves the language skills of kids, higher classes students and foreigners. A linguistics try to master at least one international language. Later on he may learn the languages of the same language family too. He writes dictionaries and grammar books for non native language speakers. He study the evolution of a specific language and effects of other languages on it. He also study literature just for the sake of research.

Linguistics Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career & Skills Required

Linguistics Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career & Skills Required

Career and Scope
Job Types
University and college lecturer
Anchor person
Column Writer
Home tutor
Government servant
Feature writer
Subject specialist school teacher

Employment Areas
Colleges & universities
Newspapers & other print media
Linguistics research institutes
TV channels
Language Research Organizations
Advertising agencies
Publishing houses
Foreign affairs department

Its is recommended for you to get the literature degree too in your chosen language as it will open the doors of more employment opportunities for you. Master degree in linguistics is enough for general jobs but if you want to become a critic, researcher or a university professor then go for MPhil and Phd degrees.

Skills Required
For a successful career as an linguist you must have following abilities.
Knowledge about history of languages
Teaching Ability
Research aptitude
Strong communication skills
Deep interest in linguistics
Urge for learning new languages
God gifted talent
Reading habit
Analytical approach
Love for literature
Interest in fiction and poetry

Branches Topics and Areas of Specialization in Linguistics
Forensic linguistics
Evolutionary linguistics
Clinical linguistics
Computational linguistics
Discourse analysis
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