List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise 2021

List of Postal Codes in Karachi, Karachi Zip Codes, Karachi Area Codes
For the information, this zip code is mainly used to track the location present in any country or city. ZIP stands for the zone improvement plan and it is mainly and usually written in the capital letters. Here you will get the information on the list of Karachi postal code area, zip code colony wise information as well.


By entering this ZIP code, the mail will be able to travel and reach to the correct destination efficiently. The five decimal numerical digits make up this code. It was in the time of 1980s that this ZIP code system was introduced. We again repeat that the purpose of putting and writing down this ZIP code is to determine the location in an exact way. It was by the U.S postal service that this term of ZIP code was introduced.


List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise 2019

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise 2021


List of Karachi Postal Code Areas 2021
Karachi airport, 72500 is its zip information.
COD, 75250 is its zip data.
Clifton, note down the postal code of this area and it is 75600
Darul Uloom, its postal code number is 75180
Hotel metropole, its zip data is 75520
Karachi GPO, the postal code number of this area is 74200
Baldia town, its postal data number is now 75760
Habib bank, its zip data is 75650


City GPO, its code is 7100
Gulshane Iqbal, its code is 75300
Jinnah post graduate medical center, its postal zip data is 75510
Export processing zone, the code of this location is 75150
defense society, its zip data is 75500
Federal B area, the zip data of this area is 75950
Karachi Cantt, 75530 is its code.
Board of secondary education, 75150 is its postal information.
Karachi university, 75270 postal code.
Keemari, 75620.


Korangi Creek, 75190.
Other Details Regarding The List of Karachi Postal Code Areas
Korangi GPO, 74900.
Landhi colony, 75160 postal code.
Liaqatabad, 75900.
Liyari, 75660 postal code
Malir Cantt, 75070.
Malir city, 75050 is the code of this area.
Manghopir, 75890 is the postal code of this location.
Manora, zip data is 75640
Maripur-CE, postal code is 75780
Maripur-FA, zip data is 75750
Mahmoodabad, code is 75460
Model colony, zip data is 75100


Murad Memon Goth, postal code is 75040
National cement industry, DALMIA, zip data is 75260
Nazimabad GPO, 74700 is its postal code.
New Karachi, 75850 is its zip data.
New Town GPO, the postal code is 74800
North Nazimabad GPO, 74600.
Orange Town, the code is 75800
PCSIR, its code is 75280


PECHS, the code is this area is 75100
Pakistan machine tool factory, 75760.
Pakistan naval armament depot, 75790 postal code.
Pakistan steel mills, 75800 postal information.
Pakistan steel mills Township, its code is 75200
Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, its postal information is 75020
Quaidabad, 75120.


Rafa-e-Aam Society, 75210 is the zip data.
SITE, 75700 is the code.
Saddar GPO, 74100.
Shah Faisal Colony, 75230 postal information.
Shahrahe-e Faisal, 75350.
Sher Shah Colony, 75730 code
Sindh Governor House, 75580 code.
Nishter Road, 74550.

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