Literature Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career & Skills Required

Literature Introduction, Jobs, Scope, Degrees, Career & Required Abilities  

Literature of any language shows the cultural and linguistic history of a nation. A person who want to become an expert of any language of a nation must first study its literature. Literature is basically called the written form of any language in prose and poetry. Literature of a language or a nation shows its history, traditions, values, culture of the people and their philosophy. Experts of literature have to study various categories of writing for example fiction, poetry, short story, novel, essay and drama. An expert in literature can also explain the causes of evolution of language in different periods of time. He can also write novels, short stories, essays, poetry, fiction in the language of his specialization. He loves to read fiction books on suspense, love, crime, science fiction and children.

Being a critic and literature specialist he can analyse the expertise of all other so-called experts of literature. In fact its not an easy process to detect the difference between a real and pseudo writers of literature.


Literature Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career & Skills Required

If you want to study the literature of any language then first try to read maximum books in that language in your preferred filed of expression. Then try to write books, articles, essays, sort stories and novels in that language. If you want to become a classical writer of any language then try to read fiction books on different topics in numerous languages.

Literature Jobs, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Local Newspapers
Literature Research Institutes
Electronic Media
Local Languages Research Organizations
Advertising Agencies
Publishing Houses

Job Types
Government & Private interpreter
School Teachers
Home Tutor
Lecturer and Professor
Government Servant
Feature Writer
Research Worker
Anchor Person

Skills Required
You must have following skills in a certain language for a bright future.
Creative writing ability
Command on linguistics and literature
Teaching Ability
Command on Linguistics
Natural Talent
Study Habit
Poetic Nature
Fiction Lovers

Famous Literature Degrees in Pakistan
Here is the list of top three literature degrees in Pakistan:
MA English
MA Urdu
MA Punjabi
MA in Western Languages
MA in Eastern Languages
MA Arabic

A person who want to get a gazetted job should go for at least master degree in literature. At present Master degree in English literate is preferred all over the world, but if you have ability to proceed in any local language then kindly prefer your aptitude or interest for quick career growth. We are soon going to publish a detailed article on scope of linguistics, so stay in touch with our website and facebook page and group. Today on 1st August, 2015 we are also going to launch our second educational and first testing website. We need your prayers for our  success. Wish you all the best.





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