Career & Scope of LLB (Bachelor of Law), Eligibility, Subjects & Further Study Options

Bachelor of Law (LLB), Career, Scope, Eligibility, Subjects, Further Study Options
LLB is a bachelor degree in law. You can get admission in LLB after graduation in any discipline. LLB is a three year degree in Pakistan. The medium of instruction is English in LLB degree. HEC has also introduced five year LLB program after intermediate. If you you are willing to become a lawyer then it is better for you to join five years LLB program. Very rare colleges and universities are still offering LLB degree in Urdu language but it is not recommended as unfortunately the official language of Pakistani courts is English. A lawyer represents his clients in courts of law and provides legal aid to them. It is a respectable profession. Legal community in Pakistan has earned a great repute and respect due to lawyer’s movement for restoration of former chief justice of Pakistan. After completion of LLB degree candidate will have complete six months pupillage with a senior lawyer and after that he will have to pass NTS GAT Law test for getting himself enrolled with bar council.

Following subjects are taught in LLB.

Islamic Jurisprudence
Constitutional Law
Law of Contract
Law of Torts
Criminal Law
L aw of Equity and Specific Relief
Administrative Law
Company Law
Law of Transfer of Property
Muslim Personal Laws
Public International Law
Constitutional History of Pakistan
Law of Civil Procedure Code
Criminal Procedure Code
Medical Jurisprudence
Law of Evidence and Legal Ethics
Legal Drafting
Interpretation of Statutes
Intellectual Property Laws
Environment Laws
Banking Laws
Labor Laws
Taxation Laws
Land Laws
Minor Acts

Duly attested  copy of Bachelor’s Degree
Attested copy of Secondary School Certificate
Attested copy of Higher Secondary School Certificate
Character Certificate of the institute last attended;
Attested copy of National Identity Card
Attested photocopy of Migration Certificate (If applicable)
Three passport size photographs

Bachelor of Law, Career, Scope, Eligibility,Subjects, Further study options

Career & Scope of LLB (Bachelor of Law), Eligibility, Subjects & Further Study Options

There are different types of lawyers. Usually a lawyer specializes in certain field of law.e.g
Corporate lawyers are also called business lawyers they represent different companies.
Civil litigation lawyers deals in civil matters and private disputes related to property.
Criminal defense lawyers provide legal aid to criminal accused.
Prosecutors or government lawyers represent government in the courts.
Immigration lawyers deal in citizenship related matters
Civil rights lawyers fight to defend human rights and civil liberties.
Taxation lawyers deal in tax and revenue related matters.
Constitutional lawyers interpret the constitution
Family matters lawyers deals in  divorce, child support matters, child custody, spousal violence, dowry and adoption
Real estate lawyers specializes in immovable property related issues.
Intellectual property lawyers protect your intellectual property rights
Debt settlement lawyers settle tour debt disputes.
Banking lawyers deal in banking matters
Labor lawyers protect the rights of labors against their employers.
Insurance lawyers deal in different types of insurance related matters.
Personal injury Lawyers are also known as compensation lawyers.
International law experts represent his clients in international courts.
Services matters lawyers protect your employment related rights.
There are many other types of lawyers such as product liability lawyers,maritime lawyer,bankruptcy lawyer but we shall discuss them in some other article

LLB is a professional degree and if you have confidence, sufficient knowledge of law and public relations then you will never think about any job as a successful lawyer can make lot of money. Quaid e Azam was once offered the job of magistrate with 1500 monthly pay but he refused the offer by saying that he wanted to earn 1500 rupees a day and time proved that he achieved his goal in a very little time with his hard work and conviction. So a competent lawyer always prefers legal practice instead of any 9 to 5 job. Still law graduates have lot of employment opportunities in the following sectors.
Lecturer in law colleges.
Legal adviser of different public and private organizations..
Court reporters.
District and sessions judge.
Public prosecutor.
Attorney general.
Advocate general.
Investigation police
Excise inspector
News channels
Industrial groups
Civil Judge
Notary or Oath commissioner
Investigation and legal departments of different investigation agencies

Best higher study option after LLB is LLM. LLM is a two years Master degree after LLB in Pakistan but you can complete LLM in one year from any foreign country specially from UK. Many universities in Pakistan also offer different post graduate diploma courses in various disciplines of law. Punjab University offers following diploma courses after LLB.
Taxation Laws
International Trade Laws
Environmental Laws
Labor Laws
Banking Laws
Intellectual Property Laws
Corporate Law and Practice

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