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Lords Law College Lahore LLB 5 Years Admission 2024

Lords Law College Lahore Admission 2024 in LLB Five Years Programme-Your Pathway to a Successful Legal Career
Welcome to admission 2024 based guide for those students who want to become advocate while studying LLB 5 years in Lords Law College which is an esteemed institution affiliated with PU Lahore. If you aspire to pursue a career in law, comprehensive LLB program of LLC Lahore offers the perfect platform for your academic & professional growth. In this blog post, we shall provide you with all the necessary information about the admission 2024 process, eligibility criteria, facilities & support services available at Lords Law College LHR.



LLB Admission 2024 Requirements:

To be eligible for admission 2024 into the LLB program at Lords Law College Lahore, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:



1. Inter with Second Division:

Completion of Intermediate in any stream or an equivalent qualification with a minimum of 45% marks are required for admission 2024 in LLB. In shore whether you have studied in the humanities, sciences or commerce stream, you are eligible to apply for LLB program as long as you have completed your intermediate education with a minimum of 45% marks.



2. Obtaining at least 50% marks in the Law Admission Test (LAT):

In addition to completing your intermediate education, you must also pass the Law Admission Test (LAT) with a minimum of 50% marks. The LAT is a standardized test that evaluates your aptitude for legal studies & assesses your critical thinking, analytical reasoning and English language skills. It is designed to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are admitted to LLB program.



Limited Seats Available:

Please note that there are limited seats available for LLB Part 1 at Lords Law College Lahore. Therefore, it is advisable to submit your application as soon as possible to secure your spot. This bachelor of law LLB program is highly sought after & competition for admission can be fierce. By applying early, you increase your chances of being accepted into this prestigious institution. Limited seats are also available in Lords College of Pharmacy Lahore Pharm-D program.



Facilities and Resources:

Lords Law College strives to provide its students with a conducive learning environment equipped with modern facilities & academic resources. Here are some of the key features of campus:


1. Vast Campus:

Sprawling campus of Lords law college provides ample space for academic activities & extracurricular pursuits. With spacious classrooms, seminar halls & recreational areas, you will have a comfortable & inspiring environment to enhance your learning experience.



2. Experienced Faculty Members:

Learn from highly qualified & experienced faculty members who possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields. Here faculty members are dedicated to imparting practical & theoretical knowledge to help you excel in your legal studies.



3. Visiting Faculty from Renowned Advocates & Retired Judges:

Benefit from the insights & experiences shared by visiting faculty members who are distinguished advocates of supreme court and retired judges of high courts. Their real-life experiences & practical knowledge will provide valuable insights into the legal profession and enhance your understanding of the subject matter.



4. Moot Court:

Hone your advocacy skills in our well-equipped moot court where you can practice legal arguments & courtroom procedures. The moot court is designed to simulate a real courtroom environment for allowing you to gain hands-on experience in presenting cases and developing persuasive arguments.



5. Library with Extensive Collection:

Access a vast collection of legal books, reference journals & online resources that will aid your research and studies. Reference library is equipped with the latest legal publications for allowing you to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of law.



6. IT Lab:

Stay technologically updated with state-of-the-art IT lab of Lords law college Lahore which is equipped with the latest software and hardware. The IT lab provides you with the necessary tools & resources to conduct legal research, access online databases and develop essential computer skills required in today’s digital world.



7. Cafeteria:

Enjoy a comfortable & inviting space to relax and socialize during your breaks. College cafeteria offers a variety of food options to cater to different tastes & dietary preferences, ensuring that you have a pleasant dining experience on campus.



8. Career Counseling:

Avail career counseling sessions that provide guidance on pursuing a career as a civil judge, clearing the Law Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) for enrollment as an advocate in Bar Councils & other relevant career opportunities. Career counselors of college are experienced professionals who can help you navigate the legal profession & make informed decisions about your future.



9. Sports Facilities:

Engage in physical activities & maintain a healthy lifestyle with access to sports facilities on campus. LLC Lahore believes in the holistic development of our students and encourage participation in sports and extracurricular activities to foster teamwork, discipline & personal growth.



10. Seminars and Workshops:

Participate in informative seminars & workshops conducted by industry professionals to guide you towards becoming a successful advocate. These sessions provide valuable insights into different areas of law, emerging trends in the legal profession and practical skills required for professional success.



Contact Information:

For further details or queries regarding LLB admission 2024, feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 0300-1303777, 0302-4179777
Address: 53-A/M Quaid i Azam Industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat, Town ship Lahore, Pakistan


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Embark on your journey towards a successful legal career by enrolling in Lords Law College’s LLB program. Here you may expect excellent faculty, top-notch facilities & comprehensive support services. Don’t miss this opportunity; apply now and take the 1st step towards achieving your goals! Lords Law College Lahore believes in empowering our students with the knowledge & skills necessary to excel in the legal profession. Join Lords Law College Lahore now through admission 2024 and unlock your potential as a future legal practitioner.



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Lords Law College Lahore LLB 5 Years Admission 2024


Lords College Lahore Admission 2024