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MPhil Degree Career & Scope in Pakistan, Tips

All About M Phil Degree

M Phil degree provides you foundation for PhD. It creates research habit in you. It also increases employment opportunities for you. MPhil includes you in the list of scholars. You are preferred for lecturer jobs in universities and colleges. MS and M Phil degree are equivalent degrees both leads towards Doctorate degree. BS students go for MS while MSc and MA degree holders go for M Phil degree. Its a research base degree and you have to write a thesis too in MPhil. Its a two years program, generally divided into 4 semesters of 6 months duration each. First academic year is reserved for course work and in last two semesters scholars in building have to write a thesis. M Phil is the abbreviation of Master of Philosophy.

You learn research methodology and practice it too by writing a research based thesis. Majority of students loves to go for PhD after MPhil and it is recommended too. MPhil is not just a degree, it is the key of success in your career. Writing a thesis helps you in developing creative writing skill, which helps you a lot in your future career. M Phil degree does not relates much about the practical use of your subject. It is a further study option for those who want to enter in the world of research or education. But it certainly add a star in your profile.

M Phil Degree

MPhil Degree Career & Scope in Pakistan, Tips

O.k i give you example of my brother, who is a very talented software engineer, in spite of going for MPhil he is taking the exams of Microsoft certifications. As these certificates relates more with his practical work. But it is not a hard and fast rule, in many areas MPhil enhances your practical skills too. It all depends upon your interest, field and choice that either you should go for M.Phi or not. If you have a research mind and want to join teaching line at college or university level then you must go for MPhil.

About a decade ago students used to prefer to go abroad for M Phil degree but now many PhD scholars are working in Pakistani universities who can guide you in research. Still higher education Commission HEC offers many foreign scholarships for MPhil. Students with good career record must apply for these scholarships. You may also apply directly to foreign universities. Try this option too.

Scope of M Phil Degree
Scope of M Phil degree  is unlimited. As you are preferred than any simple master degree holder for any job. But remember that it is an academic degree which takes you little away, so try to remain in touch with the professionals of your field. Your academic approach will decrease the career opportunities for you. So be practical and after completing  MPhil  do not insist for a high profile and well paid job. In the beginning even accept internship. Some practical experience will make it easier for you to find a job of your choice. Stay in touch with us for guidance about your career, You can ask any question to our team of experts. Wish happy future for you. Stay blessed.




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