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MA Education Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects, Eligibility & Tips

MA Education Jobs, Salary,  Career, Scope, Job Types, Employment Areas, Subjects, Skills Required, Eligibility & Tips  
Education is a sacred profession. All Prophets were teachers that’s why teaching is called a holy profession. Teachers play a vital role in the building of nation. Unfortunately in our our country only rejected people join this profession. We people live in an insecure society where every one loves power not respect. My father is a Professor of Physics and i have not seen a more influential person than him in my 38 years of life, as whenever we faced any problem, a pupil of my father came forward to help us. Neither we paid even a penny to any doctor in our life nor we needed to give bribe in any government department for any problem. My father used to take his profession as an sacred job. He used to teach students free of cost even after college timing and his students have not forgotten his great services for them. So its a hundred percent wrong perception that education is a power less profession.

MA Education is a best degree for entering in the field of education.Its a recommended degree for master degree holders of all subjects who want to join teaching line. MA Education enables you to teach up to graduation level classes. Holders of this degree are preferred at the time of recruitment of educators, subject specialists and lecturer.

MA Education Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects, Eligibility & Tips


MA Education Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects, Eligibility & Tips

Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope
Job Types
As an lecturer you can get salary of 17th grade.  MA Education degree holder can find job in following areas.
Head Master
V Principle
Education Consultant
Educational Counselor
Subject Specialist
Online Tutor
Home Tutor
Academy Teacher
Career Counselor
Education Writer
Activities Trainer
Special Education Teacher
IT Teacher
Educational Reporter
Montessori Teacher
In charge of Childcare Center
Educational Policy Maker
Arts Teacher
Science Teacher
English teacher in Primary & Elementary schools
Sports Instructor
Teaching Observer
Web Writer
Instructional Expert
Child Psychologist
Master Trainer
Educational Trainer

Employment Areas
Government Schools
Government Colleges
Private Schools
Education Department
Public Universities
Private Colleges
Vocational Training Institutes
Research Institutes
Print & Electronic Media
Private Universities
Educational Websites
Educational Publishers
Special Education Institutes
Home Tutor Providing Services

Eligibility Criteria
Applicant must have any of the following degree for admission in MA Education.
BA, B.Sc or equivalent bachelor’s degree.
Candidates also have to qualify a written test followed by an Interview. Candidates who have studied education in intermediate or graduation will be preferred.

MEd Vs MA Education
Unfortunately it has been noticed that MEd degree holders enjoy more employment opportunities than MA Education degree holders, so it is recommended for you to go for MPhil degree after completion of your masters for having better employment opportunities. Its a bitter reality that BEd, MEd students are preferred in field as both these degrees are considered as professional degrees as compared to MA Education.We have also written detailed articles on the scope of BEd and MEd, you must read both these articles too for further guidance about different degrees in Education.

Following subjects are taught in MA Education Secondary in Punjab University Lahore.
Educational Assessment & Evaluation
Islamic System of Education
Education in Pakistan
Educational Guidance and Counseling
Methods of Teaching English/Urdu/Arabic/Social Studies/Science in Secondary Schools
Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies/Mathematics in Secondary Schools
Comparative Education
Human Relation in Educational Organization
Teacher Education in Islamic Perceptive
Student Teaching & Observation
Students Teaching & Observation
Master’s Thesis
Research Methods in Education
Educational Administration & Supervision
Curriculum & Instruction
Instructional Technology
Computers in Education in Secondary School
Islamic Culture & Ideology of Pakistan
Educational Psychology and Guidance
Philosophy of Education
Continuing Education
Educational Guidance & Counseling
Educational Research
Teacher Education
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology
Islamic Education

Qualities Required
1-Urge to serve the nation
2-Love for research
3-Craze for educating the people
4-Love for knowledge & learning
5-Those who have strong verbal and written communication skills in Urdu and English

Who Should Go For MA Education?
1-Those who want to join teaching line
2-Research oriented persons
3-Those who want to become an educational researcher
4-Who want to become educational writer or policy maker,
5-Business lovers


1-Participate in refreshment courses of your field.

2-Go for MPhil and PhD degrees for rapid career growth.

3-Try to clear NTS NTD test for getting job in NTS associated educational institutes.

4-Try to get internship during your study period.

5-Apply for all available jobs as after getting little experience you may get job of your choice,

6-Take your profession as an sacred mission and it is the key to success in this field.

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