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MA history is a popular master degree program. This program helps you to learn about our civilization, culture and traditions. In Western countries history is taken as a science and its true too. As the principles of history are universal and give the same results every times just like principles of science. This subject improve your vision and approach towards life. That is why we are taught history as compulsory subject in junior classes. We learn thought provoking lessons from history.

MA History is also very popular among the candidates of competitive exams. As it is considered one of the top scoring subjects in CSS and PMS. It also helps the candidates in general knowledge, Islamic studies and Pakistan affairs papers. One other positive feature of MA History is that in our country Pak studies is a compulsory subject till graduation level. So your opportunity for finding a job increases a lot as a teacher or lecturer. It is a relatively easy subject too. In fact its my favorite subject and i am too a student of Msc Pak Studies AIOU. We shall compare both subjects in future.

You can appear in the exam of MA history as a private candidate too. Students can also attempt the papers in Urdu language. You will also get the title of historian after completing your degree. Remember the pioneer Historian in the world history was a Muslim social scientist named Ibne khaldun. Who proved first time in history that history is a scientific subject. So this subject is our heritage and we should promote it by studying it in higher classes.
Curriculum for M.A. HISTORY for Private Candidates of Punjab University

There will be five courses of 100 marks each.
Early History of Islam
Research Methodology & Historiography
State and Society in Muslim India 1206-1707
Muslim Struggle for Independence 1858-1947
Government & Politics in Pakistan 1947-1999
Candidates will have to select any one of the following groups:
Group ‘A’
History of lndo-Pakistan
Ancient India
Muslim Rule in India (712-1526)
The Great Mughals (1526-1707)
Later Mughals & British India(1707-1857)
The Punjab in Modern Times
Group ‘B’    Islamic History
Umayyads and Abbasides
Muslim Rule in Spain
The Ottoman Empire (1288-1924)
Central Asia
Contemporary Middle East
Group ‘C’    Western History
Early Modern Europe (1453-1789)
Modern Europe (1789-1919)
History of England (1688-1919)
United States after Second World War
International Relations and Organizations

Career Scope for MA history

Government officer
Subject Specialist
Lecturer of History
Lecturer of Pakistan studies
Preservation jobs in Museums
Archivist for Court Houses, Museums, Public Libraries, Historical Sites and Other Institutions.
Curator, and Guide in historical buildings and museums
Research Assistant
Historical fiction writer
One last thing an MA degree holder can get job in any field on the basis of his natural talent and confidence.
To join a MA History program, you must have a Bachelors degree in History, with  minimum second division in bachelor degree.
Further Studies options
You can further specialize by doing an M. Phil or a PhD. Some of the courses available are listed below:
M. Phil in History
M. Phil in History and Archaeology
M. Phil in Iqbaliat
M. Phil in Pakistan Studies
PhD in History
PhD in History and Archaeology
PhD Iqbaliat
PhD in Pakistan Studies.

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