MA/MSc Economics-Career, Scope, Subjects, Eligibility

MA/ MSc Economics Guide For Pakistani Students

MA Economics is a two year master program after graduation. It a professional degree and has great worth and demand in the job market. Some universities also award MSC degree in economics such as Allama Iqbal open university is offering MSC degree in Economics through distance learning. The program is offered in English as well as in Urdu depending on the university you are studying. Many universities allow you to appear as private candidate in MA Economics exam.

Almost all the private and public sector  universities offer MA Economics program. Usually students have to write a thesis in the last semester.

This program prepare the students for working as economist in all the professional, business, commercial and corporate sector organizations. Along with providing strong theoretical back grounds, it equips you with quantitative, analytical and business skills. You will get in depth knowledge of local and world economy.


MA/MSc Economics-Career, Scope, Subjects, Eligibility

This program not only prepares you for further research but also for entry level jobs in financial and teaching institutions. This program also enables students to analyze, evaluate and solve economic problems. It is considered the best Master of Arts Program. If you have studied Economics in Bachelor level then certainly you should go for this program as its a job oriented degree.

Usually only a bachelor degree holder with economics as an elective subject in graduation can get admission in Master of Economics program.

The subjects taught in different MA/MSC Economics program differ with each other but mainly following topics are covered in Master of economics.

Statistics for Business and Economics
Mathematics for Business and Economics
Fundamentals of Management
Financial Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing
Management Information
Financial Management
Managerial Economics
International Economics
Business Research Methods
Business Econometrics
Investment Analysis
Advanced Financial Management
Research Project
Project Management
Mercantile and Taxation Law
Labor Economics
Development Economics
Environmental Economics
Agricultural Economics
Human Resource Management
Business Analysis
Business Communication and Report Writing
Islamic Code of Business Ethics
Economics of Transportation
Budgeting and Forecasting
Monetary Economics
Public Finance

Career  & Scope 
An MA/MSc  Economics Degree holder can get entry level job the following institutions.
Banking Sector
Policy Planning Institutes
Investment Companies
Budget and Planning Department
Manufacturing Units
Business Houses
HR Department
Higher Education Institutes
Accounting and Audit Firms
Sales and Marketing
Stock Markets and Forex Companies
Government Sector
Trading Companies
Accounts Department of Any Organization
Non Government Organizations

Further Study Options

Comparison Between M.COM, MBA and Master of Economics
Economics is the mother of management science and accounting. In MBA you study about how to run and manage a business and in M.COM focus is given on accounting and audit side while Economics is a wider subject where you study things from micro to macro level. You don’t specialize in accounting or business management but you get the basic ideas about both subjects. In short we can conclude that if you want to join accounting or audit line then you should go for M.COM and if you are interested in business then MBA should be your first choice and if you want to remain your options open then MA Economics is the best choice.

Another thing is very important in this regard that MBA and M.COM have become very costly degrees, so if you cannot afford heavy fees of these programs then also MA Economics should be your first choice. Work hard in MA Economics and get good marks you will be able to compete any MBA degree holder. As employer needs your skills not your degree. So be confident and get your self registered with any university as private or regular student.

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