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Make Money on Youtube Through Promoting Click Bank Products

How to Make Money on Youtube Through Affiliate Marketing (Click Bank) & Video Marketing? Super Tips & Free Tutorial 
Today we are going to introduce you with 2 methods of making money online on this page i.e through Youtube and Clickbank. Its a step by step guide for beginners who are interested in affiliate marketing.

Make Money on Youtube Through Promoting Click Bank Products

Make Money on Youtube Through Promoting Click Bank Products

What is Clickbank?
Clickbank is a global Internet retailer. It has more than 200 million customers throughout the world. Its an ideal platform for affiliate marketers. You may select a product of your choice from this platform for promoting on your website or in any video sharing website like

What is Video Marketing?
Video marketing is a very effective method of earning money online and affiliate marketing. You will have to create videos on different products and have to share them on video sharing websites like youtube, daily motion, vimeo and You will get your affiliate commission on each and every sale through your affiliate link. Now a days video marketing has become recommended method for promotion of any product.

How To Make Money on Youtube?
You may make money on youtube through many methods and we shall write detailed articles on all these methods. There are two most popular methods for earning money online through i.e google adsense account and video marketing.

How To Make Money on You Tube Through Video Marketing/Affiliate Marketing?
1-As you know that youtube is a videos sharing website. For earning money online through, you will have to create videos. Your videos should look professional. Its an easy job to create videos for youtube. You may make a high-quality video through many free online website. Just use the key word create free video online on Google search for reaching such websites.

2-For getting free pictures for your video you must visit You may use and edit images got from Remember that you can not use images available on Internet without permission so always try to get copy right free images for your videos. You may use photo shop and photoscape for creating your custom images.

3-Now you will have to make your video. Camtasia Studio is the best recommended option for you for recoding the screen and making your videos for video marketing. Its an user friendly program and you may learn its use within 2 days. This software is available from hafeez center Lahore.

4-You may also use audio video spinner. Audio video spinner is a software which is used for changing the voices in the videos. It has many in built human voices and characters which may help you in creating an excellent video. You may download it free too from Internet.

5-Now you will have to make your free account on official website of clickbank i.e You should browse all the categories of and try to chose best product for video marketing. After selecting a product on clickbank, you will be given a specific affiliate link. You will have to promote this link online on video sharing websites. On this stage kindly get the best key words about your selected product with the help of Google adwards key word planner. You will use these key words in the description title and tags of your videos.

6-Now make a unique and impressive video for promoting the products of clickbank through video marketing with the help of tools about which we have guided you in this article.

7-Now share your video on maximum video sharing websites like youtube, dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Don’t forget to share your affiliate marketing link given by clickbank in the description of your video. Use keywords selected by Google adwards keyword planner in the title, tags and description your video.

8-You may also write an article on your selected product on your current blog or you may also launch a separate blogspot blog for each product. It is recommended to create a review category on your all blogs in spite of launching a separate blog for each product.

9-Now share your video on social media websites. Google ranking of your video will depend on the number of visitors and comments on it. Good Google ranking will increase your sales and affiliate commission so your focus should be now on promoting your video.

10-Last but not least read our article on affiliate marketing and visit and its facebook page daily for guidance about how to make money on youtube and other websites.


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