Man With Vision & Mission Isar Rana Shares His Experiences With Students of Journalism

Tips For Journalism Students By Renowned Journalist, Columnist & Anchor Person Isar Rana

Being the student of journalism i used to idealize Isar Rana in 1995. At that time he was in daily Khabrain. He started his career as an hawker during his childhood. Now this self made journalist and anchor person has become a legend in the field of journalism. He has launched 3 news papers and 3 news channels as an editor. Now a day this role model of youngsters is working as group editor in daily Din and Din News Tv channel. He got this prestigious position just due to his passion and hard work in this field. With the reference of my best friend and journalist Mian Asghar Saleemi, i got the time from him for a detailed interview. He shared the essence of his experience for the students of journalism in this interview. I am thankful to my role model in journalism for honoring me and my website.

Study Solutions – What are characteristics of a successful journalist?
Isar Rana – It depends upon your definition of success. In my dictionary a journalist with an alive soul(Inner self) is a successful journalist.

Study Solutions – Is degree in journalism is necessary for becoming a good journalist?
Isar Rana – I don’t thinks so, as there is hell of difference between the theory and practical in the field of print and electronic media.

Study Solutions – Why Din group is not rising in-spite of its great start?
Isar Rana – I don’t agree with you again at this point, as now Din group has improved a lot. Our channel and newspaper’s rating is improving with every rising day. We are trying to follow the principles of professionalism.

Study Solutions – How to become a good journalist?
Isar Rana – Here are my top ten tips for becoming an ideal and successful journalist.
1-Creativity & little bit of sensitivity
3-Hard working
4-Thirst for success in life
5-Self confidence
6-Habit of reading books & newspapers
7-Sharp observation skills
8-Good analytical skills
9-Great communication skills (Both verbal and written)
10-Sincerity with the profession

Study Solutions – Why journalist (Included you) change their institutions so often. Is just money is your prime target, I am asking this question in reference to the journalists who joined Bol Tv last year without any investigation about the its sources of income?
Isar Rana – If owners have right to terminate any of his employee. Then why you expect employer to become loyal. If some one is in search of loyalty in this professional field then must keep dogs. In our field no employer will hire you without his benefit and no employee will sell his services cheaply. Its called professionalism.

Study Solutions – Our journalism teachers used to say us that Daily Khabrain and Zia Shahid are the founder of yellow journalism in Pakistan. Do you agree with this statement by lecturers of journalism?
Isar Rana – These so-called teachers even do not know the ABC of practical journalism. Zia Shahid is my hero in this field.He is pioneer of modern journalism in Pakistan. You may call him Bhutto of journalism. He is a self made star of this field. He tried the help the people in trouble. He gave common man a platform to raise their voice against tyranny.

Man With Vision & Mission Isar Rana Shares His Experiences With Students of Journalism

Our Team Member Mian Asghar Saleemi Senior Reporter Daily Express with Isar Rana


Man With Vision & Mission Isar Rana Shares His Experiences With Students of Journalism

Study Solutions – Is there any short cut for success in the field of journalism in Pakistan.
Isar Rana – No this field is not for those students who are in search of short cut in life. You will have to strive in the field for years.

Study Solutions – Why and how staff of English papers are given more handsome salary, in-spite of low circulation of English newspapers?
Isar Rana – Its is just because of elite class and bureaucratic mind set of our officers of information ministry. English papers are given ads more than their due share. CNN, Fox news, BBC are agents of USA, CIA and Jewish lobby. Our some English journals and writers are also included in this category. They get hidden foreign fundings too in the name of so called NGO’s.

Study Solutions – What is your opinion about social media. Can a student can start his career through this medium.
Isar Rana – Yes standard of social media is improving now a days. Lot of youngsters are earning money through this media while staying at home just like you. You may start a blog for expressing your views and sharing your thoughts with others. It will become a part of your profile in future.

Study Solutions – Should journalists should make their active body for self accountability.
Isar Rana – First of all we should consider ourselves answerable to our conscious or inner self. No one from outside can change the inner self of anyone. Self accountability is a most recommended daily routine for all members of my community.

Study Solutions – Which is the best route for journalism students to start their career print media or electronic media?
Isar Rana – It depends on their area of interest and skills. If you have creative writing ability then i will suggests you to join print media but if you have good verbal communication skills and confidence then electronic media is waiting for you.

Study Solutions – Will you recommend your son to join this field?
Isar Rana – Journalism is in my blood rather its my passion then hos i can discourage him for joining this field. Just like every father i also want to see my son ahead of me in life, but certainly i will not force him to follow my footsteps.

Study Solutions – Is electronic or print media is a recommended field for females?
Isar Rana – Why not? Lot of female journalists are performing better than their male counter parts. Don’t mix the journalism with showbiz, here we work like a family. Many females are working under me in Din group. I am very much satisfied with their progress and out put.

Study Solutions – What is future of print media?
Isar Rana – Electronic or social media can not replace print media, Print media leaves long lasting effects on its readers. Same is the case with books. Computer can never take the place of book.

Study Solutions – Education mafia has captured our media. Owners of all new tv channels and news papers are educationists? Is this a healthy sign for media industry?
Isar Rana – Of-course, these educational chains have created lot of job opportunities for working journalists. We must see towards the positive side of everything in our life.

Study Solutions – Will you publish or broadcast the scopes shared by and is sister sites in your esteemed newsaper and news channel?
Isar Rana – Being a journalists its my duty to search scopes then why we can ignore news from your chain of websites.

Study Solutions – Your opinion about
Isar Rana – I am really impressed by the standard of I think its the one and only 100% free educational website of Pakistan, which is emphasizing more on knowledge than information. You are pioneer in this field. I am happy to see a educational website launched by a person who idealize me and whose family is in this field for 4 generations. I really appreciate the services of your chain of educational websites for the students of Pakistan. I recommend all students to visit your article category regularly. I am feeling exalted to give you this interview. I really want to share my experiences with the students of journalism. I will try to write knowledge base articles for your chain of educational websites in future too.


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