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Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad, Key Features, Initiatives, Donate Now

Discover the Extraordinary Community Services Offered at Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad

Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad stands as a shining example of a mosque that goes above and beyond to serve the community in various impactful ways. Taking inspiration from the teachings & practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the mosque has established a wide array of free facilities & unbelievable services aimed at uplifting and supporting the local community.


Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad, Key Features, Initiatives, Donate Now

Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad, Key Features, Initiatives, Donate Now



Now we are going to share the key initiatives taken by Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad for bringing a positive Islamic revolution in Pakistan. This is just the start of this movement of changing mosques into the community centers.  You must also join hands with this movement.


Masjid Clinic, Pharmacy & Tele-Medicine Service

The Masjid Clinic is a distinguished feature of Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin. It is housing a free dispensary, fully equipped pharmacy & a telemedicine department that offers video call consultations for all without charging any fee. This holistic approach to healthcare demonstrates the mosque’s commitment to providing accessible & comprehensive medical support to those in need.


Free Masjid Marriage Hall For All

In a heartwarming gesture, the mosque offers a Marriage Hall for the union of underprivileged brides , complete with free catering, a stage, wedding gifts for the couples, a bridal room & free meals for up to 200 guests. Notabl, this generous provision extends to girls from minority religious backgrounds for emphasizing the mosque’s inclusive & benevolent ethos.


Anti Jaheez Movement

Furthermore the Jamia Masjid Rahmatulil Alameen F8 Islamabad endeavors to address societal issues by launching a movement against the practice of dowry. Young individuals are invited to the mosque to sign a collective affidavit pledging not to partake in the tradition of dowry for symbolizing a progressive step towards social reform.


Free Lunch, Free Medical Tests & Masjid Baitulmaal

A fundamental aspect of the mosque’s services includes providing free daily lunches for the hungry & offering subsidized or free medical tests through the masjid lab. Additionally the Masjid Baitulmaal serves as a source of support for deserving individuals, including orphans, widows & the disabled, illustrating the mosque’s commitment to aiding those in need.


Free Coaching Center & Medical Camps

The mosque’s dedication to education is reflected in the establishment of a Coaching Center for providing free education up to FA level for deserving students. Furthermore a free legal aid forum & weekly medical camps, complete with complimentary medicines for laborers, showcase the holistic approach to community welfare embraced by Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad.


Community Service Initiatives

The mosque’s impact extends beyond its immediate vicinity, as evidenced by its commitment to funding the construction of 70 new mosques in underprivileged areas. Moreover during Eid ul Azha, this model mosque provides free meat & beef dishes for lunch & dinner over three days for showcasing a spirit of generosity and compassion.


Unbelievable Public Service-Salute to All Donors & Contributors

In an ongoing effort to enhance the community, the construction of the Rehmat-allil Alameen Center is underway, aimed at providing free general & religious education to over 200 deserving boys and girls. Additionally over 500 water taps have been installed to facilitate free water supply for addressing a fundamental need within the community. Team salute to all donors, contributors and management of Jamia Masjid Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Islamabad. They are really following the model of 1400 years old Masjid e Nabvi. May Almighty Allah bless all these noble souls.


Family Council & Sports Club

Other notable initiatives include the establishment of a family council to resolve disputes between spouses, a sports club offering healthy sports facilities for youngsters & a self-defense club providing training in karate & self-defense for girls. The mosque also boasts an Islamic library, fostering an environment of learning and knowledge sharing.


Donate Now

In conclusion Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen F8 Islamabad stands as a beacon of compassion & service by offering a broad spectrum of facilities and services that aim to uplift and empower the community. The impactful work carried out by the mosque is truly commendable & individuals are encouraged to contribute and support these noble endeavors. To be a part of this transformative journey do consider contributing or donating to the mosque’s charitable initiatives. Call at 0321 5152880 for more information regarding donations. We hope that you will love to share this post with all your friends and family members.