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Material Engineering – Introduction, Career, Scope, Jobs & Nature of Job

Material Engineering – Definition, Jobs, Nature of Work, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad 
Discovery and invention of new materials have been playing a great role in the human civilization. New materials changes the whole scenario of industry and technology. New materials leave long lasting effects on following areas of our life;
Quality of Life
Latest Technologies

Material Engineering - Introduction, Career, Scope, Jobs & Nature of Job

Material Engineering – Introduction, Career, Scope, Jobs & Nature of Job

If we need to make progress quickly then we will have to invent and discover new materials in future too to open the doors of future technologies. Each new material assures our progress of whole mankind in the field of science and technology. We need more strong, heat resistant, conductor and insulator material for further scientific progress in in area of space exploration and nuclear engineering. Value of a materiel largely depends upon its properties.

We need economical, environmental friendly, more useful materials in all fields of science and engineering. Its a reality that material engineering is the oldest and the mother of all other engineering disciplines. Material engineers can easily find job in other engineering fields like civil, marine, telecommunication, chemical, automobile, construction, computer hardware, nuclear, metallurgical, nano-tech, aeronautical, agricultural, mechatronics, mechanical, astronautical, aerospace, bio-medical, automotive, electronic and electrical engineering.

Material Engineering-Nature of Job
1-They train their technicians and junior staff.
2-They try to create new materials with desired properties for different functions and uses.
3-They test various materials in high tech labs to assess their resistant towards heat, corrosion ,chemical reaction and electricity.
4-They try to use the most appropriate combination of materials for a specific task.
5-They work with materials like ceramics, gems, chemicals, radioactive elements, bullet and bomb proof materials, materials for energy storage e.g fuel cells, amalgams, glass, industrial minerals, latest magnetic material, metals, plastics, light weight metal alloys for vehicles, polymers, rubber, optical fiber and textiles.
6-They use super computers for analyzing the collected data on latest modelling software.
7-They test the materials in labs for collecting data about their specific qualities like heat/electrical conductivity, durability, performance and renew-ability.
8-They try to discover the methods for reducing the impacts of new materials on environment
9-They try to resolve the problems which appear during the use of a material for a specific purpose.
10-The act as supervisor or quality control officers in industry.
11-The monitor the plant conditions and material reactions during the manufacturing process in an industry.
12-They try to ensure the compliance of local and international legal and quality standards during the production process.
13-The work as an adviser to various industries for purchase, inspection, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and marketing procedures.
14-Material Engineers try to discover and and invent new kinds of useful materials.
15-They suggest alternative cost and time effective material for a certain process.
16-They provide technical and scientific support to their subordinates and juniors.

Material Engineering-Jobs, Career & Scope
You may find job in following areas immediately after your graduation as a trainee engineer;
Aerospace Industry
Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Field
Plastic Industry
Electronic Industry
Ceramics Industry
Automobile Industries
Rubber Industry
Solar Energy Related Industries
Bio-medical Material Industry
Glass Factories
Information Technology
Arms Industry
Textile Industry
Communication Engineering Field
Nano Materials
Academia & Research Labs
Steel & Alloy Manufacturing Mills
Material Engineering & Science Journals
Electronic and Magnetic Material Manufacturing Industries
Optical & Opto-Electronic Components Related Industries

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