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MBA Marketing Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

Master of Business Administration MBA Marketing
Many specializations are available in Master of Business Administration MBA. Marketing is one of them. In this post we shall guide those students who want to enter in this field. Read the article till end and feel free in contacting us for further guidance.

Candidates must have got a Bachelor degree in any discipline with at least 2nd division from any recognized university. Majority of universities take their internal tests and some require GMAT for granting admission. Read our article How To Clear The University Entrance Test for guidance about clearing the admission tests of different universities.

MBA Marketing Subjects
Different universities offers different courses in MBA Marketing. But emphasis is given on Advertising, Brand Promotion, Customer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Ethics, Export & Global Marketing, Research Methodology, Media Management, Personal and Retail Selling, Marketing of Services, Sales management and Pharmaceutical Sales Management.

MBA Marketing Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope


MBA Marketing Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

Career & Scope of MBA Marketing
Students with weak communication and convincing skills should not opt marketing specialization in MBA. Its not the filed for shy and intro-word people. Here you will have to meet people daily and knowing the human psychology is also very important for your success. Although its a difficult field for normal academic type book worm student but the chances of career growth in this field is much greater than any other MBA field. Marketing was considered an art in past but now it has also become a science due to involvement of psychology and latest techniques.

A successful marketer always remain optimistic and his creative mind too creates new effective and cheap ideas for selling and advertising. If you are a creative person but shy the still you can survive in this field with the help your creativity. Majority of marketers start their own business after getting some experience of the field. You may call them magician too as they can sell cycle at the rate of bike. They can convince you to buy a thing which you don’t need. Marketing plays vital role in the success of any business. So experts of this field are needed in all businesses and trades.

Now a days E-Commerce has become very popular so if you are considering enter in this field then also emphasize on electronic commerce as you can earn money from home by leaning this skill. But good IT skill is also required for becoming a expert of e-marketing. Excellent communication skills, patience and confidence to handle all types of customers are mandatory skills needed to pursue this program.

Majority of times you will have to work in the field and travel the long distances but this practice will make you more valuable for your employer and others too. Many companies also offer heavy commission to their marketing staff so your efforts also increases your own bank deposits. If you are social, have good argumentative power and creativity then its the right choice for you. Sky is the limit for talented youngsters in this field. Last but not least some people have natural talent of marketing, such persons can increase the employment opportunities for them by getting some professional degree like MBA.
MBA Marketing Jobs
Sales Manager
Creative Editor
Customer Relations Officer
Import Export Adviser/marketer
Media Manager
Sales Representative
Medical Representative
Media Planner
Advertising Manager
PR Officer
Brand Promoter
Tele Marketer

Employment Areas
Advertising Firms
Marketing Firms
Almost all Industries
All Businesses
E-Commerce Firms
Tele and social media Marketing Companies
Call Centers
Media Houses
Services Sector

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