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MBBS & BDS Admission in Bangladesh-Study Abroad Tips

BDS and MBBS Admission Bangladesh-Study Abroad Tips For Pakistani Students 
Our series on study abroad is continue. Today we on study abroad topic we shall discuss BDS and MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Medical colleges in Bangladesh are becoming one of the highly and fastest growing medical colleges all over the world. Their medical colleges not only welcome and offer extensive admissions to their local students but they also welcome students from Pakistan and other countries. It is their world class and highly professional teaching methods that convince and push students from all over the world to register in medical colleges of Bangladesh. Few medical universities in Bangladesh offer free education to Pakistani students. You can avail this golden chance then! These few medical universities only charge and take fee of their food and hostel dues. They have exempted and waived off tuition fees for Pakistani students. Students have to pass entry test of their medical colleges. Maximum percentage should be scored by students. Though these Bangladesh medical colleges are cheaper in their tuition fees but competition is quite high over there. Very few and limited students get admission over there. Students on a global level apply in Bangladesh medical colleges and few of students are selected by them.

MBBS & BDS Admission in Bangladesh-Study Abroad Tips


MBBS & BDS Admission in Bangladesh-Study Abroad Tips

Eligibility Requirements
Intermediate and A-level students are eligible for these MBBS/BDS programs which are offered by medical colleges of Bangladesh. 3.5 CGPA is the maximum requirement to get admission in Bangladesh medical colleges. Or you can say maximum and at least 95% marks should be present on your intermediate degree. Only FSC pre medical students are allowed to apply. Students belonging to other intermediate degree programs, they are not allowed to take admission in these medical colleges.

Before any of the Pakistani student deport and leave his country, he should apply in any Bangladesh medical college before his deporting procedure.
As soon as you will arrive in the premises of Bangladesh, you should be carrying passport with you.
Few medical colleges have exempted tuition fees for Pakistani students. For rest of medical universities, they have made this compulsory requirement that tuition fee should be submitted before arriving in Bangladesh.
It is extremely compulsory for the students to pass the local language course. You should also pass their entrance test. Your admission is based on entrance test score as well which will taken by medical colleges of Bangladesh.

Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee Structure
Not all Bangladesh medical colleges have same tuition and hostel fee structure. Public medical colleges and private medical colleges- their fee and hostel fee structure is different from each other. For the clarity of fee structure, students can visit websites of Bangladesh medical colleges for their convenience one by one. It is important to have a know-how about fee structures of any medical college before you take admission in it. Students should also verify and inspect the ranking of that medical college. Do check beforehand that your selected medical college should be recognized and verified by Bangladesh education commission.
This is the complete guide about medical colleges of Bangladesh. Sooner guide about their other degree programs will be shared with Pakistani students. Prepare for their admission entry test and get your seat in the Bangladesh medical college.

MBBS and BDS Admission in Bangladesh on SAARC Quota 

Pakistani students can get admission MBBS and BDS in Bangladesh Medical and dental colleges on self finance basis under SAARC quota too. Generally NTS take the entry test for this purpose. Our following study abroad articles will also be helpful for you;

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