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MBBS In China For Pakistani Students 2024, Scholarships (Guide In Urdu)

Super Tips About MBBS In China, Scholarships 2024 (Guidance In Urdu)

We have started a series of posts about MBBS in China. Its the second post in this regard. In this post we shall share some facts about MBBS in China for Pakistani students and some scholarship opportunities with you. You can read the a brief guide about MBBS in China in Urdu at the end of this page.



Points to Remember

1-Books of international authors are not available easily in China. So you must bring such books with you.


2-It is very easy to call your parents or any other relative to visit your university.


3-Generally in Chinese universities separate hostels for boys and girls are not available however separate floor and entry points are reserved for each gender. You will not be allowed to stay outside the hostel or invite anybody to stay with you in your room.


4-Scholarships MBBS in China are also available for Pakistani students. Details are available in Urdu in the newspaper cutting below this post.


5-Law and order situation in China is better than Western countries. Foreign students do not feel any sense on insecurity. Even girls can walk around in the markets easily.


6-Usually students are granted 1 year multiple visa so they can easily visit their homeland any time.


7-Just like other countries here too week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. However daily working schedule is little different as normal working hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM. Break is given from 2 PM to 4 PM.


8-Semester schedule is also same i.e Spring semester (Starts in February) and Fall semester(Starts in September). One month break is given between 2 semesters. One week holidays are granted for exam preparation before the final semester exam. At least one holiday is given each paper. Supplementary exams are also conducted after one month of exam result.


9-Majority of universities have arranged separate accommodation arrangement for overseas students with state of the art facilities like security, AC, Wifi, washing machines, TV, heater, refrigerator and separate cupboards.


10-In case of any serious violation of rules student’s visa is cancelled. Institute may initiate any keag action too.


11-Opening a bank account is very easy for students in local and foreign currency.


12-University representative receive the students at the airport if they are informed prior about your arrival time and date but they do not interfere in custom clearing. It will be the sole responsibility of students.


13-China has extreme climate. Temperatures ranges between -30 degree to 38 degree. So bring warm and cold clothes with you.


14-Student’s are given open visa for whole country, so you can go anywhere in the country except some sensitive places.


15-Students will have to get medical fitness certificate after complete check up from a qualified doctor of Pakistan. Attestation of this certificate from Ministry of foreign affairs is also mandatory. After arrival university will also take the test for Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. Universities in China do test the students for HIV and Hepatitis B & C.


16-Although result awaiting students can apply for admission but in case of getting less than 60% marks in FSc, your admission will be cancelled.


17-BSc degree holders can also get admission in MBBS, BDS and BE.



18-There is no any requirement of IELTS or TOEFL.



Benefits of MBBS in China

MBBS in China is a popular choice for Pakistani students who wish to study medicine abroad. The main benefits of MBBS in China are the low cost of tuition and living expenses, as well as the high quality of education. Additionally, MBBS students in China have the opportunity to learn Chinese Medicine, which is an ancient and traditional form of medicine that is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. The quality of education is excellent while faculty is highly qualified and experienced. Chinese universities are among the best in the world and offer an excellent education to their students. Another benefit of MBBS in China is that the country offers a wide variety of scholarships to international students. This makes it easier for students from developing countries like Pakistan to study in China.



Final Words

Visit your career guide daily for latest alerts about study MBBS in China for Pakistani students. Wish you successful career.


 MBBS In China For Pakistani Students 2024, Scholarships (Guide In Urdu)

MBBS In China For Pakistani Students, Scholarships (Guide In Urdu)
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