MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

Mutual Benefit Coupon System MBCS by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan
Mutual Benefit Coupon System (MBCS) is a new and out of the box solution of current global economic crises. Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan chairman Bedar Pakistan (Benevolent Economic Development And Research) presented this program, which is hundred percent interest free system and economy of any country of the world can be revived through this program. We are going to publish two newspaper supplements by Bedar Pakistan in Urdu and English on this page about MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan so that our both Urdu and English readers may be able to understand Mutual Benefit Coupon System MBCS.

MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan


MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan


Although this system is based on true Islamic principles still it can be adopted by any country of the world to boost its economy. In fact the economic hit men are not allowing any government to test this system just to protect their monopoly on world economy. Although its a new and out f the box solution but any government of the world can test its result by implementing it in a limited area. Economists are praising MBCS, Western universities are awarding honorary degrees to DR Niaz Ahmad Khan but our government is not taking interest in it just because of their priorities and you now more better than us that what are their priorities.

MBCS is a challenge to current capitalist system and its the first true Islamic economic system, still there are chances of some flaws in it but these too can be removed if some one takes interest in it. At least a team of economists must be constituted by the government to discuss the pros and cons of MBC system on TV with Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan chairman Bedar Pakistan and if Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan fails to prove his claims about Mutual Benefit Coupon System then government can take 10 million dollar money from him, which he offers to a person who will prove MBCS wrong and unpractical.

I, the admin of studysolutions.pk think that it is practicable and any country can change its fate by implementing it but i pray that our government should take this initiative. We have publicly announced in February 2014 that we support this program as volunteers because Bedar pakistan is a non political welfare organization which is striving to bring positive changes in the society. And all those persons who want to bring a change in the lives of our people or those who are seeking mental satisfaction must join hands with such organizations which are working for some noble cause like Akhuwat, Quran Asan Tehreek, Bedar Pakistan, Sundus Foundation and Peace TV.

You can down load the award winning Urdu and English books of Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan from www.bedarpakistan.com. Stay in touch with us for reviews on different welfare organizations. Now read the details about MBC system by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan both in Urdu and English and if you are convinced then join hands with Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan and Bedar Pakistan and if you have any query then contact him at drnakhan1942@gmail.com.

MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmad KhanMBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmad KhanMBCS by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

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