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Mechanical Engineering Jobs, Subjects, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Definition

Mechanical Engineering Jobs, Introduction, Subjects, Career, Core Topics, Scope, Required Abilities & Definition  

After industrial revolution our world has become a mechanical world. We live in are living a world of high tech and smart machines. Mechanical Engineering is all about machines. We study about design, production, maintenance and operation of machinery in this branch of engineering. It is one of the most interesting branch of engineering which has great scope too not only in Pakistan but also abroad. A person with creative mind and analytical skills should go for BE in Mechanical Engineering.

You will have to get understanding of main concepts of  mechanics, kinematics,  Industrial equipment, thermodynamics, materials science, Aerospace, structural analysis, Nanotechnology, Materials and electricity

Mechanical Engineering Jobs, Subjects, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Definition

Mechanical Engineering Jobs, Subjects, Career, Scope, Required Skills & Definition

Subjects & Core Topics

Following subjects or core topics are taught in this field.


Materials engineering

Manufacturing engineering


Instrumentation and measurement



Control systems

Acoustical engineering

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)




Engineering design

Fuels, Internal combustion engine & combustion

Computer-aided design (CAD)


Thermodynamics & thermo Science


Automotive engineering

Jobs, Career & Scope

Mechanical Engineers can find jobs in large number of industries of different kinds. They can find job easily in any industrialized foreign country too.

Automobile industry

Chemical plants

Electronics field

Steel plants

Oil exploration and refining industry

Technical wings of army navy(engine cadets, marine engineers and navigating officer) and air force

Space exploration departments

High tech industries

PTCL (Telephone Department)

Railway department

Jobs in  Public Works Department(PWD)


Research institutes


Vocational training institutes

Engineering Colleges

Public sector mechanical industries

Private sector mechanical industries

Heavy Mechanical industries

Agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

Arms Industry

Sales/research/marketing Department of Mechanical Factories

Aeronautical industry

If you want to get a managerial/administrative post or want to join academia as lecturer/assistant professor than go for ME and PhD mechanical engineering. If you are interested in administrative or managerial posts in public or private sector then also try to get MBA degree.

Now after the completion of Pak China Economic Corridor lot number of tax free industrial zones will be constructed on this route from China to Gwadar. Pakistan will also overcome the energy crisis till 2018 so there will be a great employment potential for fresh mechanical engineers in near future.


Skills Required

Command on their field

Command on related computer software for designing new structures/equipment/machinery

Good Technical drawing and designing skills

Conceptual clarity

Excellent numeric and logical skills

Problem solving ability

Ability to apply the scientific rules and mathematical principles for finding the solution of a real time problem.

Here i would also like to share the definition of a genius person with you. A genius person has extraordinary knowledge in one field and good knowledge about other related fields too. So you must have reasonable knowledge about your all related fields for excelling from your competitors in the field.

Ability to conceptualize new structures and ideas.

Ability to think about innovative and creative ideas

Ability to command the people

Good Managerial and administrative skills

Excellent IT. organizing and communication skills specially in at least one international language

Urge for learning

Ability to handle the pressure situations with a calm mind.


Why Study Mechanical Engineering

It is one of the most broad engineering discipline which enables you to get a job of your choice in many industries.

Pakistan need a large number of Mechanical Engineers for its new industries.

This field will provide you more job satisfaction than any other field as you will be the pioneers of industrialization in your country.

This field will satisfy your urge for research too.

Finding a job will not be a problem for your both within the country and abroad. Foreign countries will even offer you immigration but please don’t accept such offers as your beloved country needs your services.