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Medical Laboratory Technology (BS MLT) Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Skills Required

Medical Laboratory Technology (BS MLT) Nature of Work, Jobs, Subjects, Required Skills Career & Scope in Pakistan 
Now a days doctors largely depend upon the medical reports only for the diagnosis of diseases. Before the introduction of DMLS degree (Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences) only Pathologists were given the job of lab in-charge, but now you can start your own medical laboratory or can get job of lab in charge after DMLS or BS MLT. BS Laboratory technology is also an alternative option for you but we shall recommend you to go for DMLS degree (Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences) as after the completion of DMLS degree you will be entitled to use the prefix of dr with your name.

Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLS) Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Skills Required

Medical Laboratory Technology (BS MLT) Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Skills Required

DMLS or BS MLT degree will elevate your social status. Its a most recommended degree and field for females as you can start your own business even in your drawing room too. Wife of my one friend had got BS Medical Technology degree and after marriage she is running a medical lab in the drawing room of her husband’s home. Its a best field for females in Pakistan as Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences have to work in labs only. No out door activity is involved in this field. That’ why in a conservative society like Pakistan its an ideal field for girls. Medical Laboratory Technology field has close connection with different fields of diagnostic sciences such as
Clinical Biochemistry
Immunohematology (blood banks)
Genetics Cytogenetics.
Medical Imagining Technology
Molecular Biology
Genetics, Immunology


DMLS (Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences)
DMLS is a five year program after FSc Pre Medical and at present only 50% marks are required for admission in DMLS degree. In Punjab, University of Lahore (UOL) and Imperial College are offering DMLS program. Females love to add the prefix of dr with their names for finding better lifer partner (Please don’t smile as its their right), so they must try for DMLS, DMUD (Doctor of Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic), (DRS) Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences, DPT, Pharm-D, MID, DND or BHMS in case of failure in getting admission in medical or dental college.


BS Medical Laboratory Technology
If you do not have craze for the title of Dr then go for BS degree as it is offered in more universities and colleges and there is no difference in both these degrees as far scope is concern. BS degree was introduced in Pakistan in 2008 to replace the traditional BSc degree.


Core Subjects/Syllabus/Curriculum of DMLS or BS Medical Laboratory Technology
mmunology and Serology
Medical Statistics and Research Methods
Behavioral Sciences
Information Technology
Islamic Studies
Pak Studies
Chemical Pathology
Blood Banking
Elective Subjects
Viva Voce


Nature of Work
1-Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences performs chemical, hematological, immunologic, microscopic and bacteriological diagnostic tests on different body fluids.
3-They confirm the accuracy of various test results and report their laboratory findings to doctors for the diagnosis of diseases and their treatment .
2-Medical Laboratory Technologists introduce new tests for the diagnosis of various diseases. They use their critical thinking and analytical approach for conducting complex lab tests. They try their level best to ensure the validity and accuracy of different medical tests.
4-They help the doctors in taking critical medical decisions for the welfare of patients They recommend doctors about exact and best alternative tests.
5-They operate most modern electronic diagnostic machinery, instruments and computers as per their manual. They also train the laboratory technicians.
6-Medical laboratory technologists examine different body fluids such as blood, urine, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), peritoneal fluid, stool, pericardial fluid, synovial fluid and different external and internal other body fluids for the diagnosis of various diseases.
7-They analyse the affects of medicines on patients.
8-They perform all kinds of medical tests in labs.



Jobs, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Public Diagnostic Labs
Doctor’s Clinics
Para Medical Training Institutes
Non Governmental Organizations
Reference Labs
Research Labs
Biotechnology Laboratories .
Private Medical Laboratory Labs
Pharmaceutical Companies



Job Types
Laboratory In-charge
Research Scientist
Government Servant
Healthcare Professional
Laboratory Technologist


Required Abilities
Excellent Observation Skills
Good Analytical Skills
Responsible By Nature
Interest in Biological and Medical Sciences
Confidence on Self Findings
Good Communication Skills

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