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Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Masters & PhD Admission 2024

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Muet Masters & PhD Spring Admission 2024
For the masters and PHD degree programs, the admissions are open by this Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. Students have to apply online and it is on the website of this university that the procedure for submission of form is given and attached. If you want to submit the form manually, then you can get in touch with the concerned department. Rs 1500 is the processing fees. It is important for the PHD applicants that they have to submit the copy of their research proposal along with their application form. First you can check out the complete schedule of these admissions:



Important Dates for Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (Muet) Masters & PhD Admission 2024
00th Dec 2023 is the deadline to apply. GRE general type test for the masters degree program applicants will be taken on 0th Dec, 2023.


Then GRE subject type test for these PHD program applicants, it will be processed on 0th Dec, 2023. On 00th Dec 2023, the result of this admission phase will be announced.



On 0th Dec, 2023 and 00th Dec, 2023, you will have your interviews and your first semester will be started from 0th Jan 2024. This is an official schedule and your tests will be taken strictly on these dates, so reach to the test center on time and do not miss any of these test dates.



In Which Programs Can You Apply?
You can have your PHD studies in petroleum engineering, biomedical or in electrical engineering, computer systems engineering or in software engineering. You can also apply in the PHD program of electrical engineering, telecommunication or in mechanronics engineering. Then in the program of applied mathematics, city and regional planning, chemical engineering, construction management, civil engineering, energy and systems engineering- you can apply in these categories too.



For masters degree programs, you can choose the discipline of architecture, civil engineering or chemical engineering. You can have your masters studies in city and regional planning discipline or construction management. Then in textile engineering or structural engineering, mining engineering or manufacturing engineering, you can apply as well.


In the program of communication systems and network, software engineering, information technology, bio medical engineering, these are masters level linked programs. Then masters program applicants can apply and register their form in the discipline of computer and information engineering, electronic systems engineering.


You can do MS in science, technology and innovation policy or in technology and innovation management. MBA studies can be in done in finance and marketing or in operations management and human resource management or in innovation and entrepreneurship.


For your more help and further ease, we have attached the admission advertisement on this page. You can have a look at it. This is the current schedule which is given by Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and if further dates and time line will be given by Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, we will update you. Good luck for these latest admission proceedings. You can even let us know that in which MUET degree program you are going to apply.


Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Masters & PhD Admission 2024

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