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Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science Definition,  Salary, Eligibility Criteria, Required Skills, Nature of Work, Jobs, Career & Scope in Pakistan and Abroad 

Metallurgy is a branch of Material science and engineering. Metallurgical Engineering is all about the study of different metals and their alloys. It is one of the oldest engineering field. Gold was the first metal which man used in pre historic age. Silver copper and tin was used after that. The first superior alloy made by man was bronze with copper and tin during bronze age. Iron age was started about 1200 B.C. Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science are also called the technology of metals. Metals of different kinds are used in unlimited industries. A Metallurgical Engineer can get job in all such industries. He supervises following processes.
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Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan (Father of Pakistani Atomic and Missile program) is also a metallurgical engineer. He just had broader vision and out of the box thinking and observation skills than a common Metallurgical Engineer.

Materials Science or Metallurgical Engineering Jobs Career & Scope
Metallurgical Engineering is a vast field that deals with all those industries where metals or their alloys are used. You may find a job in any company, factory, industry or firm which refines, produces, manufactures and distributes metals or their alloys.
aerospace industries
Steel Mills
Research and development department
Defense industries (Ammunition/Weaponry)
Gems and stones industries
Public and private laboratories
Manufacturing industries
Automobile industry
Mining sector
Atomic plants (Uranium extraction & Enrichment)
Space exploring departments
Alloys making industries
Electrical devices wires manufacturing industries
Mechanical industries
Research journals
Heavy construction firms (Dams, bridges and skyscrapers)
Surgical instruments manufacturing factories
Chemical vessels and boilers manufacturing industry
All industries related to metals and their alloys.

Nature of Work in The Field of Material Science 
Metallurgical Engineer plays the role of quality assurance officer in all metal and their alloys related industries.
He develops suitable materials and techniques for different tasks.
He supersizes the processing, refining, fabrication, and utilization of metals and alloys in various industries.
He decides that which metal or alloy is suitable for any specific task.

How To Become A Metallurgical Engineer ?
You will have to get at least 60% percents mars in FSc Pre Engineering for getting admission in BE or BSc Metallurgical Engineering or Material Science. In Pakistan clearing the Engineering Colleges Admission Test ECAT is also mandatory for all candidates. For joining any research institutes, academia or getting an administrative or managerial level job you will have to go for M.E degree.

Required Skills in The Field of Material Science 
Scientific curiosity
Interest in metals, Chemistry and Mathematics
Ability to work independently
Analytical mindset
Ability to work as a team member
Good Communication Skills
Logical mind with love for research

In government department you will be given the pay of 17th grade where as in private sector salary depends upon your personal skills and experience. Fresh graduates should not leave any job offer even with low salary package as your experience will win more reasonable job for you in future.