Microbiology Definition, Career, Jobs, Scope, Branches, Benefits

Microbiology Introduction, Career, Nature of Work, Jobs, Scope, Branches, Benefits, Qualities Required, Areas of Specialization & Research 

Microbiology is a branch the third main branch of Biology after Botany and Zoology which deals with microscopic organisms lie germs, bacteria, Fungi, Algae Virus, unicellular organisms. There is no doubt that God has created some organisms to punish the human beings but we also use these microbes for the production of bread, cheese, antibiotics medicines, vaccines for the prevention of diseases, pesticides, artificial vitamins, general medicines, enzymes in laboratories and some other very useful products and process like industrial fermentation.

Microbiology Definition, Career, Jobs, Scope, Branches, Benefits

Microbiology Definition, Career, Jobs, Scope, Branches, Benefits

Branches, Areas of Specialization & Research
Its a very wide subject which has following pure and applied branches, You may do specialization and find job in all these fields. Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Evolutionary micro biology, Phycology, Bacteriology, Immunology Medical Micro biology, Environmental microbiology, Soil microbiology, Food microbiology, Microbial cytology, Microbial ecology, Microbial genetics, Protozoology, Microbial genetics, Nematology, Cellular micro biology, Microbial physiology, Evolutionary microbiology, Molecular microbiology, Aeromicrobiology, Cellular microbiology, Microbial taxonomy, Nano microbiology, Pharmaceutical microbiology, Microbial biotechnology, Microbial systematic, Systems microbiology, Generation micro biology, Astro microbiology, Biological agent, Industrial micro biology, Agricultural microbiology, Plant pathology, Veterinary micro biology and Water micro biology. Still this list is not final and we will try our level best to write detailed articles on scope of all of these branches.

What Microbiologist Do?

1-Basically its a research oriented field and a general General Microbiologists have to do research on basic characteristics of microbes, including ecology, genetics, pathology, metabolism, physiology and anatomy. He also work as lecturer.

2-Do research on undiscovered characteristics of microorganism specially for the benefits of human beings in various areas.

3-Try to invent different scientific methods using microbes for improving the soil and water.

4-Culture the microorganism in laboratories for experiments.

5-They work in the field of medical, Pharmaceutical, food technology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, environment, ecology, plant pathology in related industries.

6-Agricultural microbiologists do research on agriculturally relevant microorganisms. They try to find out different ways for increasing the soil fertility. The invent new methods to preserve farm products from decomposers. They also investigate plant diseases caused by viruses and bacteria and try to discover their treatment
Other than research labs and academia Microbiologists also work in labs of hospitals, food industry, beverages industries, agricultural research and pharmaceuticals companies.

7-Microbiologists who work in the field of food technology and industry use microbes for producing different useful products like bread, vaccines, cheese, antibiotics amino acids, enzymes, beverages, citric acids and vitamins.

8-Those who want to excel in their career should focus on marine microbiology due to its great scope in future. There is a great demand of marine microbiologists all over the world.

9-You can explore many new realities of nature in this field.

Skills Required.
Scientific mind
Ability to observe the things minutely with details
Research aptitude
Ability to lead or work as member of team
Interest and background of Biology (Botany, Zoology and Micro Biology) and Chemistry .
Critical and analytical thinking ability

Jobs, Career & Scope
We can not cover all the available fields of job for you as you can get reasonable job in all the fields related to branches of Micro Biology.
Biotechnology firms
General medical pathological labs
Beverages industries
Research magazines
Poultry industry
Pharmaceutical sector
Chemical Industry
Research organizations
Consulting companies
Veterinary diagnostic and research laboratories
Dairy farms
Water treatment department

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