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Monash University Malaysia Admission 2024, Scholarships

Study Abroad-Monash University Malaysia Admission 2024 For Pakistani Students & Scholarships
Here we have admission details of Monash University Malaysia. If any one of you wants to be the part of this Malaysian university then here is this great and golden chance in front of you. It is for their Feb 2024 session that they have proceeded this subjected admission phase. It is an internationally recognized and most well known, reputed university. From this page, you will get the official details and complete information that which programs and courses are being offered by this Monash university. This Malaysian campus of this subjected Monash University was opened and created in year of 1998. This campus is located right within the site and premises of Bandar Sunway township. It is the first one foreign university which is working in Malaysia. This university has also its campuses in Victoria, Australia. It has approximately and about 7,000 undergraduate and too postgraduate students. It was in the time of September 2007 that this university opened and created its new RM200 million campus. This campus comprise of a medical school. This new one campus was officially inaugurated and opened by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia named as Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak. This campus of Monash University has its third largest one campus in Malaysia.



Academics of Monash University Malaysia
When it comes to Monash University Malaysia then no doubt this university is centrally and mainly focused on its research activities. It has its researching strengths in the field areas of biotechnology as well as in medicine and health, field areas of business remodelling and islamic banking. This Monash University Malaysia is also focused on the researching areas linked with electronic test technology, agri-business. This university is primarily a home to Brain research institute. This institute is led and carried over by neuroscientist professor named as Ishwar Parhar. This BRIMS centre consist of research areas linked with neuroinformatics and nanotechnology, brain imaging and behavioral neurogenetics. In year of 2007, a well equipped research centre was too build up and created at this Monash University Malaysia. Note down that this research centre is a kind of open organization that help people and students to analyze and assess trends.



Schools and Faculties of Monash University Malaysia
School of Biological Sciences
School of Arts and Social Sciences
School of Business


Other Schools of Monash University Malaysia
School of Engineering
School of Information Technology
School of Pharmacy
Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine



Accreditation of Monash University Malaysia
Most of the courses which are offered and served by this Monash University Malaysia, they are accredited and recognized in Malaysia and also Australia. This campus has received and got its accreditation from this Australian medical council. The MBBS program of this Monash University Malaysia has got and officially received its accreditation right by the Singapore Medical Council. This campus has host large number of regional conferences and international conferences. They hosted and commenced The East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) in the time of December 2008. Nottingham University UK admission 2024 & scholarships details are also available in our study abroad category.


Monash University Malaysia Admission 2024, Scholarships

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