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Motorway Police Jobs 2024-Career, Tips, Scope, Eligibility & Guidelines

NHMP Motorway Police Jobs 2024 in Pakistan- Career, Super Tips, Scope, Eligibility Criteria & Recruitment Process
Motorway police is the best public department in Pakistan. Officers of motorway police have set a new standard of quality performance in Pakistan. They are paid well than regular police officers that’s why every one in Pakistan wants to join motorway police. Motorway police jobs are given only to fittest candidates. You will have to face great competition for motorway police jobs due to large number of candidates.



What is the role of motorway police?

The motorway police play a vital role in ensuring the safety & security of highways an expressways. Their primary responsibility is to enforce traffic laws, respond to accidents & provide assistance to motorists. They patrol the motorways to detect and prevent crimes, apprehend offenders & maintain law and order. Additionally, they also undertake tasks like traffic control, vehicle inspections & public education on road safety.



Motorway police jobs

Motorway Police Jobs 2024 – Career, Tips, Scope, Eligibility & Guidelines


Even M.Phil and PhD candidates apply for the post of junior patrol officer but you will be surprised to know that majority of them fail in recruitment test and interview. Reason is very obvious as just higher academic qualification is not enough for motorway police jobs. You need to have multidimensional skills for winning a job in motorway police. Only a person having interest in reading books on various topics and with excellent general knowledge about international relations, general science, Islam, Urdu, English, Pakistan studies, mathematics and IT can win a job in National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP).



Types of Motorway Police Jobs

National Highways & Motorway Police recruits two kinds of staff i.e non-uniform staff and uniform staff. NH&MP recruits the PO and below 16 grade non-uniform staff itself through departmental recruitment tests or NTS tests. PO and above 16 grade non-uniform officers are recruited through FPSC. For JPO post you will have to appear in written, driving and physical tests and interview. In physical test candidates have to cover 1.6 KM in just 7 minutes. Chest measurement of the candidates should also be as per required criteria. Candidates for below 16 grade grade non-uniform posts have to appear in written test, proficiency test and interview.

Junior patrol officer (PO) are given grade (BS) 05. Patrolling officers are given grade (BS) 14.



Qualifications & requirements

To become a motorway police officer, there are certain qualifications and requirements that you need to meet. These typically include a minimum age requirement, a valid driver’s license, a clean criminal record & a certain qualification as per the job post. Additionally physical fitness, good communication skills &the ability to work under pressure are also essential.


Age Limit

Only candidates of 18 to 25 years are eligible to apply for uniform posts. Generally no age relaxation is given to candidates of these posts. Age relaxation can be given to non-uniform posts as per the current government rules.


Required Height

Male candidates of uniform posts must have at least five feet and eight inches height. Height requirement for female candidates is just five feet and four inches. Generally no height limit is mentioned for non-uniform posts.


Required Qualification

At the time of writing this post the required qualification for the post of JPO is BA with second division and for the post of JPO is just FA with second division.


Required Chest Measurement

Required chest measurement for male candidates of JPO and PO is 33″ and 35″. There is no required standard for females in this regard.


Recruitment process

The recruitment process for motorway police jobs usually involves several stages. A written examination to test your knowledge of traffic laws & regulations can be taken. You will have to clear a physical fitness test to assess your physical capabilities, a written test to check your GK and IQ, an interview to evaluate your communication skills and suitability for the job & a background check to ensure your suitability for law enforcement. It is important to thoroughly prepare for each stage of the NH&MP recruitment process to increase your chances of success.



Important Notes About Motorway Police Jobs 2024

1-Remember that valid driving license is mandatory for the candidates of JPO and PO.

2-National Highways & Motorway Police observes the provincial quota for motorway police jobs 2024.

3-10% percent quota is reserved for females and they can also apply on general posts.

4-National Highways & Motorway Police is a federal government department so you can be posted anywhere in Pakistan.

5-Remember that there is no difference in motorway police and highway police that’s why this department is called National Highways & Motorway Police.

6-NH&MP and NHA are two different departments. National Highways Authority is responsible for construction work on highways, whereas National Highways & Motorway Police is responsible for law enforcement on all highways and motorways of the country.




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