Multi Topic Essay on All Women Related Topics For FA, BA, CSS, & PMS

All in One Essay on Following Women Related Topics:


Note-This all in one essay of about 800 words on women related topics is for students of FA, BA, CSS and PMS students.

In the past women were looked upon as slaves. Her main profession was to obey and entertain her husband. As Ruskin puts it “A true wife in her husband’s house is his servant, it is in his heart that she is queen”. Up to the 19th century it was thought that marriage and home life were the best outlets for a woman’s energies. Thus a woman’s activities were confined to kitchen and nursery. Rousseau, the French philosopher, who never married, once said “The dignity of women consists in being unknown to world- her glory is the esteem of her husband, her pleasure, the happiness of her family”.


Multi Topic Essay on All Women Related Topics For FA, BA, CSS, & PMS

In those days women were not allowed to take part in political and social life and administration. But now things have changed. Education, computer, electronic and print media have changed their out look. They have become conscious of their rights and privileges. They have started taking part in every field of life.

Education has entirely changed their outlook. It has polished and refined their mind. They have proved their worth and skill in every field of life. This reflects that female education is very important for the progress of any nation. Education in the modern age has become very vital both for men and women. The progress of a country depends on literacy. Having realized the importance of education the people are now fully prepared to educate their women. There are countless institutions where the women are being educated. The government also keeps taking measure to provide all educational facilities to women for the better spread of education in the society.

Islam regards the woman as a complete human being with equal social, political, and religious rights. However the orthodox elements believe that woman should not take part in the social and cultural activities of the country. The conservative people maintain that the proper place for women is her home and she has no right to come out of her house.

They believe that man is for the sword and woman for the needle, man to command and woman to obey. Their judgment is based on prejudice and it is one sided. Islam does not prohibit woman to get education and do jobs, Woman can do any job provided they do it within the framework of Islam. Women can become doctors and nurses in hospitals. They can also become teachers, typists, clerks and lawyers. The women should do a job when they are actually in need of it. They should first of all look after their children, make them good citizens. However in case of dire necessity, she can take part in social economical and cultural activities.

In all the developed countries of the world, women are playing an active and important part in the life of their nations. In the last world war, they did wonderful work .This had been possible on account of their education. Now there is practically no field, where women are not competing with men. In profession, out door life and laws, they claim equality with men.

In business, trade, industry, in the learned professions, in politics, administration, scientific researches, literary and artistic activities, Eve is making herself felt everywhere. They are police and military officers. They are working as sale girls, as air-hostesses and as clerk’s steno-typists. They are turning out men from the posts of personal secretaries. As the day pass, we have to get more and more use to the idea of seeing women working side by side men in riding, driving, playing, flying even fighting.

In Pakistan too women are trying to break the ice. The rate of female education is increasing every year. They can be seen behind the counters in big corporations in five star hotels and in departmental stores. They are serving as bank officers, magistrates, judges, lawyers and C.S.P. and P.C.S. officers. They are leaving purdah and taking an active part in the social life of the country. The day is not far when they would be there in all the departments of public and private sectors.

Literature of 20th century made them conscious of their duties and privileges. Education more than any thing else was responsible for the emancipation of women. With education came the realization that she could do what man had done. The modern woman argues that she can be a good mother and at the same time, a good doctor or writer or administrator. As Susan B Anthony, a famous women worker says, .Modern inventions have banished the spinning-wheel and the same law of progress makes the woman of today a different woman from her grand mother”.

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