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Music Jobs, Degrees, Scope, Career, Subjects, Tips & Required Skills

Music Jobs, Career, Degrees, Scope, Core Subjects, Subjects, Syllabus, Curriculum, Required Skills, Core Subjects & Super Tips  

It is said that music is the food of soul but i do not agree with this proverb at all still music haunts me too. In fact nothing is wrong in this universe. The use of any thing make its bad or good. Muslim Mystic leaders of India used qawali to spread Islam in Indian Sub continent. Silsila-e-Chistiya is still using qawali to attract the nonbelievers in India. Allama Javeed Gamadi has also a very moderate view about the position of music in Islam. What about religious qawalis of legend Qawal Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan. Leave it as its not our main topic as we are not discussing the position of Music in Islam.

Music Jobs, Career, Degrees, Scope, Core Subjects, Subjects, Syllabus, Curriculum, Required Skills, Core Subjects & Super Tips

Music Jobs, Degrees, Scope, Career, Subjects, Tips & Required Skills


If you have talent in Music then you must study this subject to the maximum level. Majority of pop singers have not got training about music and singing. Music is a part of fine arts. Its a tradition of our soil too. Biggest musicians of the world Amir Khusro and Tansen were also Indian. Even after the creation of India, Hindus are not Indian geographically as Indus river flows in Pakistan so real Indians (People living along the river Indus) are also Pakistani People. In fact Pakistan has snatched the identity of all Indian people and now they are so called Indians. We have also snatched the identity of their religion as word Hindu was derived from Indo. Its an irony but 100% true.

Junaid Jamsheed was a pop singer in Pakistan who joined the Tablighi Jamaat few years before and announced that singing is haram (Forbidden) in classical Islam and made a promise with nation and his inner self that he will not sing a song in future. He announced categorically that music of all kinds is haram (Forbidden) in Islam but on 14th August 2015 he sang a national song (Dil dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan) on many channels. I am too his great fan and now i have also realized that some sort of music of was too played on the arrival of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) in Madina. So it seems that if we use the music for the right purpose like Junaid Jamshaid and people of Madina the great, then its allowed. Being a fundamentalist and true Muslim you can only sing Hamd -e- Baree Tala, Naat Sharif , national, religious and war songs.

Secular people say that music has no boundary and religion and there is no need of giving any positive message through music and poetry. You have right to chose that which section of the society has the right point of view.

Very few institutes.colleges and universities offers degree in this subject like GCU Lahore. Here is the list of some popular master level programs in this field.

Masters Degrees in Music
Masters Degrees in Music Performance
Masters Degrees in Music Teacher Education
Masters Degrees in Music Theory
Masters Degrees in Music Therapy

Core Subjects, Subjects, Syllabus and Curriculum
History of Music
Urdu and Regional Poetry
Classical Music
Philosophy of Music
Sufi & Folk Music
Elements and Principles of Music
Musicology and Psychology
Dramatic Arts
Thesis and Viva
Jobs, Career and Scope
Piano Technician
Musicology Teacher
Musical Instrument Builder
Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist
Musicology Department Manager
Musicology Therapist
Home Tutor
Dance Director
Musicology & Dance Critic
Speech Pathologist
Church Musician
Musical Instrument Designer
Cultural Anthropologist
Instrument Craftsman
Voice Therapist
Music Director
Music Store Salesman

Who Should Study This Subject?

1-Those have natural talent in musicology.

2-Those who can play any musical instrument.

3-Those who want to excel in this field.

4-Those who have poetic nature.

5-Born musician don’t need any kind of degree but if you want to join any government or foreign organisation/department, should get a degree in musicology.

Super Tips 

1-True born musician don’t need any degree for expressing his/her talent. He just need an opportunity, degree in musicology can provide you such opportunity.

2-Very limited number of musicians learn the basic techniques of this field. You may join this club too, if you have a deep desire of excelling in the your career.

3-Other than regular education you may also get a diploma or certificate in your related area from a reputed institute.

4-Stay in touch with latest development and experiments in your field.

5-In spite of getting diploma or degree in musicology, in Indo Pak Sub Continent you will have to select a senior musician as your “Guru” for rapid career growth

6-Practice, experimentation and selection of guru are the keys of success in this field.

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