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National Accountability Bureau NAB Jobs 2024, Career, Scope & Tips

How To Join National Accountability Bureau? NAB Jobs 2024, Career, Benefits, Scope & Preparation Tips
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is the premier federal anti corruption agency in Pakistan. NAB is a brain child of General Pervez Musharraf. It was established in 1999. Its an independent institution. Head office of NAB is situated in federal capital Islamabad where as its also has 5 regional offices. Four regional offices are located in provincial capitals and one is in Rawalpindi. National Accountability Bureau works under the mandate of National Accountability Ordinance which was promulgated in 1999. Job seekers who are interested in NAB jobs must also for FIA and provincial anti corruption departments jobs as these two are also anti corruption agencies. FIA and NAB are federal agencies while anti corruption establishment is a provincial department.


National Accountability Bureau NAB Jobs, Career, Scope & Tips

National Accountability Bureau NAB Jobs 2024, Career, Scope & Tips

National Accountability Bureau recruits its employees through following three methods;


Departmental Recruitment Tests


National Testing Service


Federal Public Service Commission


We have written many detailed articles on NTS, public service commission and departmental recruitment tests. For below grade 17 posts NAB hires the services of NTS or takes departmental tests. For gazetted posts you will have to appear in FPSC exam.


National Accountability Bureau or NAB Jobs will provide you job and inner satisfaction. You will enjoy lot of power and authority. After ISI and IB, NAB is the best federal department for power conscious persons. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) provides job security and handsome salary and fringe benefits to its employees. Only those person should apply for NAB jobs who love to accept challenges as here you will have to face different kinds of pressures and threats too.


Types of NAB Jobs 2024

Many types of NAB jobs are offered every year. Here are some of the main job types available at NAB;

1. Investigation Officers

These officers are responsible for conducting investigations, gathering evidence & preparing case files. They work closely with prosecutors & other stakeholders to ensure a thorough investigation.


2. Prosecutors

NAB prosecutors represent the organization in courts & present the evidence against the accused. They have strong legal backgrounds & play a crucial role in securing convictions.


3. Intelligence Officer

Intelligence officers gather & analyze information related to corruption cases. They work behind the scenes to provide valuable insights to investigators and prosecutors.


4. IT Specialists

NAB has a strong focus on utilizing technology to fight corruption. IT specialists at NAB are responsible for developing & implementing technological solutions to enhance the organization’s capabilities.



National Accountability Bureau NAB Jobs Tips

1-Past papers are best source for preparation of NAB jobs.


2-You will have to improve your English writing and grammar skills as some times other than MCQ type paper another paper about English composition and grammar is also taken. You will have to write short paragraphs on given topics in this paper including grammatical questions.


3-You are required to prepare the all compulsory subjects of PMS and CSS including Mathematics, qualitative reasoning, quantitative resonating and IT as majority of MCQ type questions are asked about general knowledge, current affair, general science, Urdu, Islamic studies, IT and Mathematics.


4-Read daily newspapers and watch news channels for improving your knowledge about current affairs.


5-Start your preparation with the “Who is Who & What is What Book”.


6-Generally NTS provides the information about syllabus and pattern of its majority of tests. You must follow this syllabus and pattern first.


7- Many on line testing websites like our sister website provide the free on line testing facility to job seekers for on-line preparation. You must visit them too to evaluate the standard of your preparation.


8-Just clearing the written test is not enough for winning NAB jobs, you will also have to clear the interview or aptitude test.


9-Try to get maximum information about National Accountability Bureau, its history, working style, formation, structure and related laws. Department related questions are not only asked in written test but also in interview.


10-LLB and MSc Criminology are two best degrees foe NAB jobs seekers.


Lastly integrity is highly valued at NAB. During the application process, demonstrate your commitment to honesty, ethical practices & transparency. Showcase any instances where you have demonstrated integrity in your previous roles.



Duties at NAB Jobs 2024

NAB jobs come with a range of duties that contribute to the organization’s mission of eradicating corruption & promoting accountability. Some of the key duties involved in NAB jobs include;


1. Investigation

NAB officers are responsible for conducting thorough investigations into cases of corruption, embezzlement, money laundering & other white-collar crimes. They gather evidence, interview witnesses & build strong cases against the accused.


2. Prosecution

NAB prosecutors handle the legal aspects of the cases. They represent NAB in courts & present the evidence to ensure the successful prosecution of corrupt individuals . Prosecutors work closely with investigators to build a strong case against the accused.


3. Prevention

NAB also focuses on preventing corruption by raising awareness , implementing preventive measures & promoting ethical practices in public and private institutions. NAB officers educate the public about the dangers of corruption & work with organizations to implement effective anti-corruption policies.


Visit, its sister website and their facebook pages for guidance about jobs in different government departments.