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What is the difference between GAT General and GAT Subject tests?

ANS1- GAT subject test is taken  for getting admission in PHD while GAT general is required for getting admission in M.Phil.

Which banks are authorized to receive the fees on the behalf of National Testing Service?

ANS-At present you can pay your test fee in any branch of United Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank and Habib Bank Limited.

What is the validity period of different NTS test?

ANS- NAT- 1 year
GAT General- 2 years
GAT Subject- 2 years

When i can appear in NAT test?

ANS-Every year NTS release NAT test schedule. NTS takes National aptitude test every month on pre- announced date. You can easily register yourself for NAT almost a week before the test date every month.

What is the eligibility criteria for GAT Subject and GAT General?

ANS-For appearing in GAT General candidate must have completed 16 years of education while for GAT Subject candidate must have completed 18 years of education from any HEC recognized university.

Can i submit my form online?

ANS- No till now candidates have to send their dully filled forms by courier or registered post to National testing service. But your form should reach the National testing service before the last date. You can down load the application from free of cost from NTS’s official website.

Does all the universities of Pakistan recognize the NTS’s tests?

ANS- No, only NTS affiliated universities and organizations accepts NTS’s tests. You can see the list of NTS affiliated universities on our website.

Can i download my role number slip from NTS’s website?

ANS- NO, NTS has not provided this facility till now. You will receive your roll number slip through courier at your mailing address which you will provide on your application form.

Which test are NTS offering in Pakistan?

ANS- NTS is offering following tests in Pakistan.
1-National Aptitude Test (NAT)
2-Graduate Assessment Test-General (GAT – General)
3-Graduate Assessment Test-Subject (GAT – Subject)
5-TOEIC A1 English
You can read the details of these tests on our website.

Is NTS a statutory body?
ANS-No, its an private organization, but HEC has assigned National testing service to conduct different tests for admissions in different universities.UK boarder agency UKBA has also approved the TOEIC A1 English
test for getting spouse visa of United Kingdom.

Can i reappear in any NTS test?
ANS-Of course you can reappear in NTS’s test to improve your score.

What is the difference between GRE, GMAT and GAT tests?
ANS- GRE and GMAT are internationally accepted tests for admission in universities while GAT tests are recognized in Pakistan only till now.

Does one will definitely get admission in universities after passing NTS tests?
ANS-No, candidates have to fulfill the other requirements of the universities.

What is the legal position of NTS right now?
ANS- Lahore high court has declared that NTS is an illegal body and government universities are not bound to follow the NTS results for granting admissions to their students. Now when the provinces are establishing their separate higher education commissions and high court has declared that NTS is an illegal body the future of NTS does not seem to be bright until the government makes a special law to validate NTS tests. Punjab university has also decided not to demand NTS tests(GAT General and GAT Subject) from students  for granting them admission in MS, MPhil and PhD programs.  But private institutions can still admit NTS tests as per their agreements with NTS. National testing service was performing well so government should take some serious steps to save this institution.

Q.NO.15-Has NTS started any new program or test?

ANS- Yes, NTS is striving to provide quality testing services for students, job seekers and employers of Pakistan. NTS has started following new programs (tests).

1-GAT Law

2-EL Teach

3-NTD National Teachers Database program

4-MRCP Medical Representative Certification Program

5-BBSYDP Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation Program

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