Prime Minister Public Insurance Scheme

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Public Insurance Scheme 

Federal government has decided to launch Prime Minister Public Insurance Scheme in the year. Prime Minister Public Insurance Scheme will be for  all the Pakistani citizens from 25 to 60 years of age. Victims of terrorist activities will also be benefited with Nawaz Sharif Public Insurance Scheme. According to federal minister for Commerce Khurram Dastagir the draft of the Prime Minister Public Insurance Scheme is under consideration of federal government and in the next year budget it will be passed after the approval of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.  Federal minister for Commerce Khurram Dastagir gave direction to senior administration of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan to consult the securities and exchange commission of Pakistan(SECP). He also directed to work on the scheme with coordination of SECP.



Nawaz Sharif Public Insurance Scheme 2018

Prime Minister Public Insurance Scheme

Nawaz Sharif Public Insurance Scheme is a good initiative by the present regime as all welfare states have launched such schemes to compensate the losses of public in case of any mishap with them. Health and education insurance schemes should also be launched.


Citizen Feed Back Model
Punjab government has established citizen feed back model to facilitate the farmer. Farmers can send their complaints directly to Chief Minister Punjab in case any problem at the buying centers of wheat established by Punjab government.


A 24 hour help line number has been provided to farmers for guidance and filling of complaints. Farmers can contact on the following help line number round the clock. 0800-02345. Keep visiting our website and face book page for latest current affair news.


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