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Nayatel Internet Packages 2024 Plans & Prices

All Latest Nayatel Internet Packages 2024-Plans With Prices

Nayatel Internet packages 2024 have been announced by the company officially. These Internet bundles are unique in their nature. Now company has almost doubled the data transfer limits on all its Internet bundles without any extra charges. Prices of Nayatel Internet packages 2024 are between 1950 to 19700 rupees.


All Latest Nayatel Internet Packages 2022-Plans With Prices

More Details About Nayatel Packages 2024 is going to publish all latest Nayatel Internet packages 2024 on this page. These bundles will be published in image format. Download the image containing Nayatel Internet packages 2024 in your PC, laptop or cellular phone. Then share it to with your near and dear ones, so that they may also have knowledge about alternative options of their Internet service provider company. has already uploaded witribe, worldcall, charji, PTCL DSL and Qubee Internet bundles. You can easily compare these bundles now and can chose best network for your use.



Terms & Conditions

Kindly remember that Rs 1.4/- will be charged on additional use of every 100 MB. These Nayatel Internet packages 2024 have been announced in the year 2023. In case of any change in tariff we shall let you know through this page. All these bundles are provided with Dynamic IP only. Advance tax and excise duty will be applicable on Nayatel Internet packages 2024 as per Government rules and regulations.



Nayatel Internet Packages 2024 and Pricing

Nayatel offers a variety of unlimited internet packages at competitive prices:

1. Unlimited 20Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 1950
2. Unlimited 30Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 2850
3. Unlimited 50Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 4500
4. Unlimited 70Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 6100
5. Unlimited 100Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 8700
6. Unlimited 150Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 11700
7. Unlimited 300Mbps – Monthly Fee: Rs. 19700



Fair Usage Policy

To ensure fair usage, Nayatel implements a fair usage policy for its internet packages. Here’s a breakdown of the data limits for each package:

1- Unlimited 20 and Unlimited 30 Packages: 1.5 TB net data
2- Unlimited 50 bundle: 2 TB internet data
3- Unlimited 70, Unlimited 100, and Unlimited 150 offer: 3 TB data
4- Unlimited 300 bucket: 5 TB data



Benefits of Nayatel Packages 2024

Nayatel’s packages 2024 come with a plethora of benefits for example:

1- High-speed net for seamless browsing & streaming
2- Unlimited data for worry-free usage
3- Wide coverage areas for accessibility
4- Competitive pricing for value for money
5- Reliable connection with dedicated customer support



Coverage Areas

Nayatel’s services are available in the cities of Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Taxila, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan and even in Sialkot, but company is trying hard to expand its coverage areas across the country.




In short we can say that Nayatel internet packages 2024 offer high-speed, unlimited data & a range of benefits to cater to the diverse needs of internet users of Pakistan. Whether you are a casual user or a heavy data consumer , Nayatel has a package that suits your personal or business requirements. Company has transparent terms and conditions & a wide coverage area, Naya Tel stands out as a reliable choice for internet services in Pakistan.


Nayatel Internet Packages 2024 Plans & Prices


Nayatel Internet Packages 2024 Plans & Prices