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New Pensions System For Pensioners 2021 – Get Your Pension Via Bank Account

New Pension System For Pakistani Pensioners- Get Your Pensions Through Bank Accounts
Government of Pakistan has introduced a new pension system to facilitate the pensioners. Now pensioners can get their monthly pensions via their bank accounts. Pensions will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of pensioners. ATM card will also be issued to them.  All those retired government servants, who want to get their pensions through their accounts can get this facility by submitting the option forms. Option forms are now available from account offices free of cost. State bank of Pakistan SBP has already directed all the banks to open pension accounts of pensioners without charging any service charges.



How Will The New Pensions System Work ?
1- Get free option form from your relevant account office and fill it accurately.

2-Open your pension account in the any branch of any bank. Those retired persons who already have bank account also have to open their new pension accounts.

3-Ask the Manager of bank  in which you have opened your account to attest your option form.

4-Submit the attested option form along with all required document in concerned account office.

5-After the due checking process your pension will be transferred to you account. After that you can get pension through cheque or ATM card.

6-It is mandatory for all retired government servants to submit life certificate after every six months in their relevant banks.

7- Lady family pensioners will submit certificate of being unmarried.



Salient Features of New Pension System
1-Now you can get your pension like salary through bank account and there is no need of standing in long queues outsides the banks.

2-There is no need to submit pension bill.

3-Monthly pension will directly be transferred in your bank account.

4-Now you can open free pension account in the branch of any bank.

5-You can withdraw money via cheque or ATM card any time.



For any query contact your nearest account office. File your complaints about banks in banking ombudsman office without paying any fee and against accounts offices in provincial and federal ombudsman’s offices or on phone and email number given below. You can read the details about “New pensions system for pensioners- get your pension via bank account” in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch in with us and our facebook page for latest alerts about different federal and government schemes.



Contact Details SBP 

Muhammad Asad Akbar Assistant Director Consumer Protection Department State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi
Phone Number- 021-32453579, 021-99221935
Fax Number- 021-99218160, 021-99221154


New Pensions System For Pensioners 2021- Get Your Pension Via Bank Account


New Pensions System For Pensioners-Get Your Pension Via Bank Account

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