New World Order of China

Current Affairs- New World Order By China 
Although China has not officially announced its new world order but I can view the glimpses of upcoming new world order of China. China is going to become the only super power of the world very soon. Chinese world order is not harmful or dangerous for any country of the world. China believes in the principle of mutual coexistence. China is trying to control the world with its economic power and planning. World around China is changing very speedily but China is not interfering in any conflict. Even Taiwan which is the integral part of main land China is not feeling any immediate threat from China.

China has captured almost all the markets of the world. Even Japan, Russia, UK, France Germany and Canada cannot compete China in open market. In fact Chinese leadership has learnt the art of situation handling. They are making long term but effective policies and world is unable to forecast the long lasting results of its policies. Chinese products are selling like hot cakes due to their compatible prices now after the completion of economic corridor between China and Pakistan Chinese products will become cheaper due to mass reduction in transportation expenditures. This will affect the economy of many international powers. That’s why some great powers are patronizing the so-called separatist movement in Baluchistan but New world order of China has been designed masterly and it will be Inshaa Allah impossible for any power to get their goals in Baluchistan.

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New World Order of China


Think tanks of Western counties have failed to understand the planning of China. Russia and Pakistan are clearing the field for Chinese new world order. Even China is not confronting with India. Pakistan is being used to counter India and to control the Arabian Sea. Russia is facing NATO and Western powers on the behalf of China. After the completion of Gwadar port inshaa Alllah Gulf countries will feel themselves safer than before. As per a Chinese analyst Pakistan is the Israel of China. Both these countries will decide the future of Asia.

China is going to invest 46 Billion dollars in Pakistan. This investment will change the destiny of our country. Russia has also realized the importance of Pakistan. In future the axis of China, Russia and Pakistan will play the vital role in the world politics. With the help of Chinese help Pakistan has become a military giant. All Arab and Islamic countries are looking towards us for their defence. Pakistan has become the leader of all Islamic countries. Kashmir movement has taken a new turn. Russia is trying to remove all differences with us. North Korea will all join the group of these three atomic powers. It means that world will not remain uni polar now. New world order of China will bring the stability and peace in the world. Exploitation of great powers will end now. It is also expected that Pakistan will become the permanent member of UNSC (United Nations Security Council). In short China will remain dormant till 2025 as per its predetermined policy and its allies will counter the world till the final supremacy of China on the economic front. Till then our neighbor will become the sole superpower of the world. If you have interest in current affairs, international politics and  foreign affairs then visit us daily.


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