NISA Girls Colleges Admission 2022 in All Campuses

NISA Girls College Admission 2022 in Inter 1st Year, BA, BSc, B.Com, BS, BBA, MA, MSc, MBA, M.Com 
This NISA Girls College is a reputed college for girls. This college has multiple branches in the entire locality of Pakistan. It has branches in the cities of Lahore and Sialkot. It has branch in the cities of Sargodha and Jehlum and also in Gujjar Khan and too in Khariyaan. For intermediate classes and for bachelor admissions, announcement by NISA Girls College admission 2022 is here.


NISA Girls College Affiliation
This college is affiliated with Punjab University. Just its Sargodha campus lack this affiliation. They have started their Intermediate and Bachelor admissions.


Intermediate Programs offered by NISA Girls Colleges Admission 2022
FA, program of FSC, programs of ICOM, ICS, they are offered by this subjected girls college. We know that in these Inter programs, we have subjects of pre medical and subjects of pre engineering. In ICOM, ICS and FA program, we have certain subject categories.


Students should know about the details of compulsory subjects and information about elective subjects. Compulsory subjects are offered to all Inter degree programs and elective subjects are chosen and selected by students on their own. They make combination of subjects and these combination are given by their respective colleges and universities.


Bachelor Programs started by NISA Girls Colleges
BA, BSC, BCOM, BBA, MA in English, MSC in psychology- these are admissions in masters ad bachelors divisions which are started by this girls college.

MCOM, program of MBA, MSC in computer science admission is started too. In this girls college, girls will see variety in their subjects and courses.


Branches and Campuses details of NISA Girls College
Lahore campus branch, located in Sadiq Chowk Township.
Sargodha campus branch, located in Satellite town Sargodha.
Sialkot branch, located in Anwar club road branch.
Kharian campus, located at the Kharian road branch.
Jehlum campus, located at the Jaddah chowk.
Gujjar khan campus, located at the Gulian road.


80% marks gives free education to FSC students by NISA Girls College
80% above marks are required. This much percentage will give free education to the FSC pre medical and also to the FSC pre engineering students.


75% marks gives free education to ICS, FA, ICOM students by NISA Girls Colleges
Students of ICS and ICOM and students of FA, they can offer free education if they have 75% marks in their 10th class exams.


70% marks gives half free education
Those who have 70% above marks, half of tuition fees will be paid by college and half of tuition fees and charges will be paid by parents.


Rs 50,000 cash prize for students having 1020 above marks
Students getting 1020 above marks, they will be offered Rs 50,000 cash prize along with free education.


Rs 20,000 cash prize for students having 990 above marks
Students having 990 above marks, they will be presented with Rs 20,000 cash prize along with free education.


Special activities conducted by NISA Girls Colleges
Organizing tours.
Organizng sports festivals
Arranging annual dinners
Arranging melaad
Organizing speech competitions
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NISA Girls Colleges Admission 2022

NISA Girls Colleges Admission 2022 in All Campuses

NISA Girls Colleges Admission 2022


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