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NTS GAT General Schedule 2024 & Test Dates

NTS GAT General Test Dates 2024

GAT General schedule 2024 has been given on this page. GAT General test is a mandatory test for admission in MS /MPhil in NTS associated universities. Now national Testing Service has announced the GAT general schedule 2024. Score of the test remains valid for two years. Candidate with 16 years of education can apply for appearing in test. You can also appear in exam to improve your previous score. Test is conducted 6 times a in a calendar year i.e in January, March, May, July, October and November. GAT General test is conducted in following twelve cities simultaneously.



NTS GAT General Test Centers




If more than 200 students register them selves from following cities than center can be established in these cities too.
2-DG Khan


NTS GAT General Schedule 2024, Test Dates


NTS GAT General Schedule 2024, Test Dates

Test fee is 1000 rupees which can be deposited in any online branch of designated banks. Online bank deposit slip is available from NTS website. Registration form is also provided online. Candidates will have to upload their recent color photograph with full face exposure and the size of the photograph should be 1 x 1.5 inch. Valid email is also required as NTS send the different information at your given email address. Your roll number slips and result card will be sent you through post, so write your accurate postal address. Do not forget to post original fee deposit slip to NTS. You will get roll number slip ten days before test date and result 7 days after exam.



Importance of NTS GAT General Test

The NTS GAT General test is a highly respected exam that is recognized by various universities & educational institutions in Pakistan. This test is designed to assess the aptitude of candidates seeking admission to various PG programs like BS B.Sc Hons, BBA, B.Com etc. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that are designed to evaluate the verbal, analytical & quantitative abilities of the candidates. The test is conducted 6 times a year & candidates can take the exam multiple times to improve their score.



NTS Contact Details

In case of any query you can contact on following phone number email and fax number.
Help Line # +92-51-844-444-1
Email ID-
Fax # +92-51-8444900
Postal Address- Headquarter: (Islamabad Office) 1-E, Street No. 46, I-8/2, Islamabad




In conclusion the NTS GAT General test is an important exam that plays a critical role in the admission process for various postgraduate programs in Pakistan. By understanding the test format, developing a study plan, focusing on basic concepts, practicing with sample papers &  staying focused and confident, you can improve your chances of success in the exam.

Test NameTest Date Last DateRoll No Slip IssuanceResult
GAT-G-1 14 Jan, 20241st Jan, 20248 Jan, 202422 Jan, 2024
GAT-G-210 March, 202426 Feb, 20244 Mar, 202418 Mar, 2024
GAT-G-312 May, 202429 April, 20241 May, 202420 May, 2024
GAT-G-47 July, 202424 June, 20242 July, 202412 July, 2024
GAT-G-58 Sep, 202426 Aug, 20242 Sep, 202416 Sep, 2024
GAT-G-610 Nov, 202428 Oct, 20244 Nov, 202418 Nov, 2024

GAT Subject schedule 2024 is also available on our website. Feel free to ask any question about your study related problem. Stay in touch with us for latest alerts about GAT General schedule 2024.


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