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Nust Admission 2024 in Undergraduate Programs

National University of Sciences & Technology UG Admission 2024

National University of Sciences and Technology (Nust) is one of the top ranked universities in Pakistan. National University of Sciences and Technology  has invited online applications for second series of NUST entrance test (NET-4) for admission in wide range of undergraduate programmes in current semester 2024.


Nust Admission 2024

Programs Offered in NUST

University is offering admission in following programmes at its various campuses.



Rawalpindi Campus

Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical(Telecom)Engineering, Software Engg, MBBS, Mechatronics Engineering, and BDS.



Islamabad Campus

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geoinformatics Engineering, BS computer science, B Architecture, B Industrial Design (BID), BS Applied Biosciences, BS Mathematics, BS Accounting & Finance, BS Economics, Bachelor in Business Administration BBA, BS in Mass Communication, BS Public Administration, BS Physics.



Risalpur Campus

Civil Engineer, Avionics Engineering, Aerospace Engineering



Karachi Campus

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering


General instructions for Online Application Form Submission

NUST accepts only online applications. First visit the official site of the university, where you will submit your valid email, then you will be given a specific password to access the application form for required program. You can also apply for more than one disciplines. Only eligible candidates should apply for admission.


University also provide the facility of sample online test. Click the link given below.


Click Me For Sample of Computer Based NUST Entry Test (CBNET)


Documents Required

Online registration system just needs your CNIC and email but following documents will be needed after selection of candidate.
Matriculation or equivalent certificate.
Undergraduate degrees with transcript showing complete detail and recognition certificate issued by PEC or HEC, as applicable to the program for which the application is submitted.
Computerized national identity card issued by Nadra.
NOC from for institution where you are employed(if applicable).
A recent colored photograph.
Candidates awaiting results will submit their transcript of the last term or semester.
In case of any misrepresentation of facts by any candidate, university will cancel his candidature at any time,
You can deposit the fee on line.



Facilities in Nust University

The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) is renowned for its commitment for providing a stimulating & supportive environment for its UG students. 1 of the key aspects of this environment is the extensive range of academic facilities & research resources available to students across its various campuses. From modern labs to cutting-edge research centers , NUST university ensures that its students have access to everything they need to excel in their academic pursuits .


Modern Labs

At the heart of NUST’s facilities are its modern & well-equipped labs . These labs provide students with hands-on experience & practical learning opportunities in fields like engineering , computer science,, biotechnology and more. With the latest equipment & technology at their disposal , students can conduct experiments, analyze data and gain valuable insights that prepare them for real-world challenges..


Research Centers

In addition to its labs NUST university boasts a range of specialized research centers that cater to diverse areas of study. These advanced research centers provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in ground-breaking research , collaborate with faculty members & contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Whether it is the Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering , the Research Center for Modeling & Simulation or the Biomedical Engineering & Sciences Institute, NUST university offers a vibrant research ecosystem that nurtures innovation and discovery



Furthermore NUST places a strong emphasis on providing a conducive learning environment to its BS students. The Nust university’s general and reference libraries are well-stocked with a vast collection of academic resources like books, journals & electronic databases for enabling Bachelor of Science students to engage in independent study and research. The libraries also provide quiet study spaces , group collaboration areas & access to expert librarians who can assist students in their information-seeking endeavors.



Beyond academic facilities NUST university is also committed committed for promotion of holistic development & well-being of enrolled students. The university’s sports complex offers a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts & playing fields. UG students are given the opportunities to participate in various sports & recreational activities for promoting their physical fitness & a sense of camaraderie among peers.


Advanced Facilities

Moreover National University of Sciences & Technology places a strong emphasis on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among its undergraduate students . The university’s incubation centers & innovation hubs provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary support , mentorship & resources to develop their business ideas and startups . Through workshops, networking events & access to industry experts,, students can explore their entrepreneurial ambitions and translate innovative concepts into viable ventures.



More About Nust Admission 2024 Phase 2 Proceedings

University provides merit base scholarships for details visit official website of NUST. Here below this page you can see news paper ad of NUST published in daily Jang. You can find any further detail about Nust admission from it. Read our article “How to Clear The University Entry Test” for guidance about NUST Admission test. Registration will continue till 11th Feb, 2024. Computer based test and paper based tests will be conducted as per the schedule given below in the notice for admission 2024 phase 2.



Final Words

In the last i can conclude my self by writing that NUST stands out as a hub of modern facilities  & resources that cater to the diverse needs of its students. From cutting-edge labs & research centers to extensive academic and recreational amenities , the university is dedicated to providing a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers students to thrive academically , professionally & personally. NUST’s commitment to excellence in facilities sets the stage for a dynamic and enriching educational experience, equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.” Stay in touch with us for latest admission alerts.


Note- Details given in the ad are final.


Nust Admission 2024 in Undergraduate Programs


Nust Admission 2024 in Undergraduate Programs




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