One & Only Solution of Global Economic Crisis

Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan, Bedar Pakistan, MBC System  & Solution of Future Economic Crisis  
After the fall of USSR capitalist countries are facing serious economic crisis. Capitalism is going go end very soon as its a system which does not believe in any ethics. In a capitalist society everybody works only for profit. Religion has died in capitalist societies and pressure of socialism is also not there. Now rights of the workers are also on stake. Technology will soon take the place of workers and unemployment will become an burning issue in the Western countries. Investors of the Western countries are shifting their factories/industries to the Asian countries due to cheap labor rates. It has become a major cause of unemployment in their native countries.

Ordinary people are fed up with the bank interests. China is capturing the world markets. Other than high tech items, China is manufacturing and exporting all kinds of items. Western countries have no solution to counter the coming economic crises. Now after the completion of the Pak China economic corridor, West is going to face a long lasting economic crisis as now Chines products will be available on more cheaper rates. Pakistan and China will be the beneficiary of this upcoming economic crisis. When China will enter in services sector then economies of American and European countries will collapse for ever.


MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan

One & Only Solution of Global Economic Crisis

Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan is a freelance economist of Pakistan who has presented an unique model for the solution of any kind of economic crisis. Unfortunately till now no country is taking his economic model seriously. We request to all the economists of the world to study his economic model to counter the nay economic crisis of the future. He has presented his model on his website Its is called Mutual Benefit Card System (MBCS). Its an interest free solution of all financial problems of the 21st century. At micro level this plan has been tested but there is a need of its test on macro level. There are possibilities of defects in this plan but with the mutual discussion with the team of Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan these defects can also be removed. Students of economic should also read this model. In Pakistan everyone follow the West and its an out the box solution which can be tested in West easily. Basically its an midway solution between capitalism and socialism. The basic idea has been taken from Islam.

You have right to disagree with Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan but at least read his model completely. Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan is an patient of prostate cancer and he has spent millions of dollars on his project. May Almighty Allah bless him with the best of health. But at present world has time to discuss his unique idea with him, otherwise a mega global economic crisis will destroy the economies of many countries of the world. If you can thin out of the box then contact Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan and his team immediately. Kindly read our following articles too on the same topic.

MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

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