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Online College Admission System OCAS Punjab – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Online College Admission System OCAS

Q-1-What is OCAS?

Ans-1- OCAS stands for Online college admission system, which allows students to apply online simultaneously in multiple government colleges of Punjab.

Q-2-How we can apply online through OCAS?

Ans-2- Read our article ” How to apply for online admission in govt colleges through OCAS” for step by step guidance with screen shots.

Q-3-I am not a computer literate person then how i can apply online?

Ans-3-Its a very easy system just like 123 and even a student who is not computer literate can use it after reading our above above mentioned article.

Q-4- What is the fee for applying online and downloading prospectus?

Ans-4- Just 25 rupees per application. You will be given a fee deposit slip through which you can deposit this fee in bank and there is no fee for downloading the prospectus.

Q-5-Is any such system is available in other provinces?


Online College Admission System OCAS Punjab - FAQ

Online College Admission System OCAS Punjab – FAQ

Q-6-In how many colleges i can apply?

Ans-6- More than 250 colleges have been associated with this system and there is no limit for students about applying in different colleges simultaneously.

Q-7-In which banks we can deposit fee?

Ans-7- In any branch of Bank of Punjab and you can also submit fee on Saturday in designated branches of bank of Punjab.

Q-8- How much steps are involved in online application procedure?

Ans-8- Oh my God, you are still scared of this system? There are just three simple steps involved in it.

Q-9-Can we view the merit list on OCAS website?

Ans-9- Of course, as it a comprehensive system, where you can see online merit lists and reports and analysis based on admissions applications.

Q-10- Can we apply for Hafiz e Quran, sports and disable quota too?

Ans-10-Yes for if you are Hafiz e Quran, you can tick the relevant box but for sports and disable seats you will have to apply manually?

Q-11- Kindly see the newspaper ad cutting below as it shows that OCAS system has failed to deliver, what is your opinion?

Online College Admission System OCAS Punjab - FAQ

Ans-11- Yes i have seen it but it is a conspiracy by private colleges who are not happy with OCAS due to their vested interests. Don’t you know that many media groups have their own colleges and they want to defame government colleges and this system to attract the students towards their colleges. More than 220000 students have processed their applications through this system. There may be some minor issues but with the passage of time it is improving. As a whole it is another success story of education department.

Q-12-What are the benefits of Online College Admission System OCAS ?

Ans-12- It will save your money and time.
It is very helpful for girls.
Its transparent and requires minimum technology infrastructure and skill.
Students can track the applications status through college portal.
It is integrated with boards and intermediate and secondary education results hence you you can avoid of so much data entry and errors through it.
No need to stand in long queues.
Local students can save up to 350 rupees while non local students can save up to 2000 rupees.
Easy complaint system, just dial 042-35909209 from 9 AM to 5 PM for launching a complaint or for any query.

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