Online Job Application Guidelines & Tips (Urdu & English)

How To Apply For Jobs Online? Tips in Urdu & English
One should have a clarity if he or she is proceeding for the online job application processing phase. There is a difference when you are online applying and when you are manually applying. So which are those tips that can help you in completing the online job application process in a successful way, we will tell you:

Tips While Going Through The Online Job Application Phase
Many individuals are confused that whether they should be attaching their CV while applying or not. Most of the companies, they do not open the CV files because of the risk of virus attachment in them. So instead of attaching your CV file, you can simply copy paste your CV and resume in the email text box. In this way, your complete credential details will be go through by the company where you have applied.

Set the margin all up to 6.5 inches if you want to bold your cv while copy pasting it in the email text box. Keep the text size 12 and text type has to be courier. These are the important requirements which applicants have to remember if they are attaching their CV online.

Many of the people feel like attaching the link of their site while applying online. Before you do so, make sure that for what post you have applied, only then you should be pasting the link or URL of your website.

More Ways to Complete The Online Job Application Process
If you want to send any of your writing samples with your online job application form, then avoid sending it in the word form. Instead you can send it in the notepad format. In this manner, the company will not have any issue while opening the file. Companies not open those files which are of word format because such files carry virus in them.

Individuals have this query that can they send and attach the same customized CV for different job positions. It totally depends on your job title and position then, if the job positions related to each other to some extent then you can use that same customized format of your CV. But if you are applying for two entirely different job positions, then you have to change the format of your CV.

You have to make different versions of your resume and CV and this is absolutely a highly recommended tip. By making varied versions of your CV, you can strongly and easily apply for different positions.

If you think that your CV presentation does not matter and just your experience and achievements matter then you are wrong, While you apply for a job, every aspect matters. So make sure that your CV presentation has to be decent enough.

This is how the online job application goes, keep connected with us and we will give you more strong tips of applying online. First apply these tips and share your reviews and feedback with us.

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Online Job Application Guidelines & Tips (Urdu & English)

Online Job Application Guidelines & Tips (Urdu & English)

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