Our Declining Education Standard by Rauf Klasra

Rauf Klasra writes column in daily dunya. Today he writes a column on our educational standard. Lets read his analysis about our educational standard.

According to Rauf Klasra our educational standard is declining day by days and our education system has collapsed. 11000 candidates participated in CSS exams last year but only 238 out of 11000 candidates were declared successful in written test. 23 PhD and MPhil degree candidates also could not pass the written test. According to a member of Federal Public Service Commission, he and his fellow members were even shocked to see the educational standard of these 238 successful candidates in the interview. They were surprised by the irrelevant answers given by these 238 candidates during the interviews. All the members were puzzled while selecting the candidates.

Our government don’t want to raise the standard of education in Pakistan as politicians think that they can rule easily over ignorant public. They will never introduce educational reforms. Only children of a single MPA of Pakistan are getting education in a government school. If the politicians will not admit their their children in government schools like Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary then how they shall try to improve the standard of education in our government schools. All the politician and officers should be bound by law that they will admit their children in government schools, only then we can hope that our authorities will pay attention towards improvement in present educational system. Our education system is producing just clerks. It needs to be reformed immediately.

Rauf Klasra has rightly pointed out the cause of our declining educational standards. When we will spend only two percent of our budget on education then how we can expect of producing genius. We have destroyed Higher Education Commission instead of improving it. You can read column of Rauf Klasra in Urdu below this post

Rauf Klasra

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