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Panipat Movie of Sanjay Dutt-Real History in Urdu & English

Improve Your General Knowledge About History of Third Panipat Battle 1761
Third battle of Panipati was fought between Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdli (First emperor of Afghanistan). This was the biggest battle of 18th century. Ahmad Shah Abdali won this battle and change the Indian history dramatically. He crushed the power of Marathas in India. Maratha army was much bigger than the Pathan army still it could not stop Ahmad Shah Abdali. Ahmad Shah Abdali was the founder of modern Afghanistan. He is still the hero of Pakhtuns. He is wrongly portrayed in Panipat movie of Sanjay Datt. Maratha rule was cruel and people of India specially Muslims were strictly against their rule due to their harsh policies.


Panipat Movie 2019-Real History in Urdu & English


Shah Wali Allah invited the Ahmad Shah Abdli for crushing the Marathas. He accepted this invitation just for the sake of Indian Muslims. Alas after crushing the Marathas Ahmad Shah Abdali did not stay in India and East India Company took the place of Marathas in India. About 40,000 Marathas were killed in third war of Panipat. Same number of Marathas were made prisoners of war. Ahmad Shah Abdali destroyed the dream of Ram Raj in India. Now government of Afghanistan has also raised objections on role of Sanjay Datt in Panipat movie.


Sanjay is playing the role of Ahmad Shah Abdali in this movie. Producer has shown very bad picture of Ahmad Shah Durani in this movie. It will affect the Afghan-India relations too. Indian government has replied that its a private project and Indian govt can do nothing in this regard. This response will not be welcomed by Afghan public at large.


Ahmad Shah Abdali was a real savior for Indian Muslims. That’s Pakistan has also given the name of Abdali to one of its ballistic missile. In fact there is need of making Ahmad Shah Abdali movie for showing its true face. He went back to Afghanistan after conquering the India and gave rule of India back to Mughal emperor.


He strictly rejected the proposal of ruling the India and making it part of Afghanistan. He said “I have come here to help the Muslims, not for ruling on them”. He also crushed the Sikhs in Punjab. History still admit that he was a genius general of 18th century. More details on history of third Panipat battle has been given in Urdu on this page. Do read it too and stay connected with for improving your general knowledge about History.

Panipat Movie of Sanjay Datt-Real History in Urdu & English


Panipat Movie of Sanjay Datt-Real History in Urdu & English