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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention (Urdu-English)

All About Parkinson’s Disease in Urdu & English Languages
This Parkinson’s disease, it mainly and generally affect your nerve cells which are present and located in the brain and these are the cells which produce dopamine. If you are experiencing muscle rigidity, tremors, if you notice changes in your speech and gait, then this disease has attacked you. For this disease, there is a specific treatment and it will be just going to relieve and soothe your symptoms, there is no cure which is discovered for this severe health condition. Let us have a look at the details and ways to prevent this Parkinson’s disease in a detailed way:

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
You might experience a tremor or your body might shake. This shaking usually and generally begins and start in a limb and then it move to your hands and fingers. Your body movement will become slow and you will find difficulty in completing even the smallest tasks. Your steps are going to become shorter and you will experience difficulty in getting out of the chair.

Your muscles will become rigid and you will feel a lot of muscle stiffness. The affected person who gets this Parkinson’s disease, he will get an impaired posture. Your posture and balance will come out to be stooped. There shall occur and happen loss of automatic movements and you will get a decreased ability and feel unconscious movements.
Then there will occur speech changes if you have Parkinson’s disease, you are going to speak softly or you may hesitate before you start to talk. On the other hand, you will notice changes in your writing. It will eventually become harder for you to write.

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease
It is because of the specific genetic mutations which cause and arise this Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, environmental facts trigger this disease as well. If you are exposed to certain toxins, then there is a huge risk that you will get this disease.

Prevention And Treatment
If one wants to cure this Parkinson’s disease, then these ways can be followed. These remedies will just calm down your symptoms a little bit. It is suggested to to aerobic exercises on a regular basis, this will reduce the symptoms of this disease. It is researched that those who drink coffee, cola and tea, there are less and a few of the chances for them to get this disease. At the same time, it is not wholly proved that whether caffeine consumption actually protect and save you of getting the Parkinson’s disease. There are studies been proved that green tea consumption can reduce and decease the rick of becoming the patient of Parkinson’s disease. Kali Phos 6x is one of the best homeopathic medicine for treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Keep connected with us and let us all see and wait that how far this intense health condition will still remain a mystery for all of us. We hope that some strong and productive treatments will be devised for this diseases so that the affected people can come out and be cured from this miserable state. Here are details about Parkinson’s disease in Urdu language.

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention (Urdu-English)

Parkinson's Disease Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention (Urdu-English)