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Petroleum Engineering Career & Counseling-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Nature of Work

Career & Scope About Gas & Petroleum Engineering in Pakistan & All Over The Worlds-Jobs, Benefits, Golden Tips, Nature of Work & Required Skills   

Super Tips About Gas & Petroleum Engineering 
Petroleum is called black gold. Petrol has become the blood of world’s economy. World’s politics and modern wars revolves around the petroleum. Fortunately the majority of petroleum reserves are found in Islamic countries. But again due to lack of petroleum engineers and latest technology, we are unable to utilize our own resources. Western oil exploration companies are exploiting Arab countries just because of their human resource and edge in modern technology. They are getting more than half of our resources for providing exploration services. Even after getting unlimited resources these Arab countries have not tried to excel in the field of petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Career & Counseling-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Nature of Work

Petroleum Engineering Career & Counseling-Jobs, Benefits, Tips & Nature of Work

I am sure that Pakistani students will take initiative in this field too. Do you know that we too have unlimited oil and gas resources but till now our country is also relying on West and China. Students with a mission in life must select nuclear, hardware, software, aeronautical, robotics, metallurgical, gas & petroleum, nano-tech and mining engineering after FSc Pre Medical and A-Level. These are engineering disciplines of future. In 21st century the economy of any country will rely on these fields. Can you tell me that why any international oil exploration company is not taking deep interest in the exploration of oil and gas in Pakistan. In fact world is afraid of our atomic program and Islamic culture. They do not want see Pakistan as an powerful Islamic power. Even we are not allowed to get natural gas from Iran after the agreement between West and Iran. Please tell my why we are victim of this discriminatory behavior? Now its duty of you guys to enter in this field for changing the fate of your country. Just like above given engineering field, this field also requires quality human resource.

Bachelor level degree in this field will just help you in finding a 9 to 5 job. Those who have greater mission in life must go for MS/M.Phil rather PhD level degree in the Petroleum Engineering. We need technology transfer in this field from West to Muslim countries. Local BE are just like technicians, they can not do research or start local oil or gas exploration company. Lot of professional expertise, knowledge of latest technology/machinery and experience is required for this purpose. So please become the pioneer of this field by getting highly possible degree in Petroleum Engineering from a renowned foreign university. We are strictly against brain drain, but we always suggest the students of above mentioned fields to get practical experience in their field in Western companies just like Dr Qadeer Khan. So if you are willing to enter in this field and make a road map for you. Get study and relevant experience with a missionary spirit. Such students must have on of these objectives in mind

1-Establishment of mining, gas/petroleum engineering university

2-Making a consortium of companies of like minded mining, gas and petroleum Muslim engineers suggests you to read the biography of Dr Qadeer Khan for following his strategy.  knows that majority of you people will think that its a utopia and i am living in a fantasy world. But our dear brothers Dr Zakir Naik and Dr Qadeer Khan have already implemented such plans. Its a a game of recognizing your self worth. Almighty Allah have given you the power to do wonders.

You guys are tigers in the disguise of lambs. Please recognize your responsibilities towards your religion and nation, i assure that Almighty Allah will take care of your family and economics issues. Do you know that Arab countries are exporting majority of their oil in crude condition. Multinational companies are earning money by exploring the oil and after that by purifying it in their refineries. We can not not even refine oil. Is this not an irony. Do we don’t have any moral and religious responsibility in this regard?

Now USA has discovered large reserves of shale gas and its interest has decreased in Middle East. We can not disclose its implications on the world politics at present. West know that Muslim countries including Pakistan have more reserves of shale gas than West, but you will see that no Western country will come forward for discovery of shale gas reserves in Muslim countries. As per Wikipedia Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan and many other Muslim, Asian and African countries have large reserves of shale gas. We Muslims are even unable to explore our gas and petroleum resources than how we can explore the reserves of shale gas. After the discovery of shale gas in Western countries, Muslim specially Arab sates have become more vulnerable.

We have unlimited reserves of shale gas, natural gas and petroleum but we don’t have technology, machinery and human resource to discover and utilize these resources. Muslim countries need some great souls like Dr Qadeer Khan. I hope that you will be the one of them.

Petroleum Engineering Jobs, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad 
Petroleum Engineering Employment Areas 
Petroleum and Gas Exploration Companies
Oil Refineries
Petroleum/Gas and Mineral Department
Engineering Institutes
Research and Survey Companies

Petroleum Engineering Job Types
Petroleum and Gas Engineer
Research Assistant
Public Servant
Petroleum Engineering Writer
Geo Scientist
Mining Engineer
Petroleum Engineering Consultant
Jobs in Multinational Oil and Gas Exploration Companies

Petroleum Engineering – Required skills

1-You must have good knowledge about geography, mechanical engineering, geology, mining engineering, geo-technical engineering, surveying, environmental engineering and information technology.
2-Its a field profession so you must have ability to work in deserted areas without family for months.
3-There is a need of having an strong urge to serve the nation and country.
4-Its a fields of rapidly changing technologies so never cut off with latest research.
5-Great problem solving, decision taking, communication, analytical and management skills.

Petroleum Engineering – Benefits
This field of engineering will provide you inner and job satisfaction as you will be serving the nation.
This field will also satisfy the soul of thrilling and adventurous people.
You will able to get job in foreign and multinational companies.
Your salary will be much more than general engineers.

Petroleum Engineering – Nature of Work
You will work as oil, gas, shale gas exploration consultant.
You will have to make feasibility report for a particular project in the light of available information and your own findings.
You will have to work in oil refineries and surveying companies.
You will administer the exploration, production, development, purification and field operations.
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