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PhD Eligibility, Tips, Jobs, Thesis Help, Career & Scope

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Eligibility Criteria, Super Tips, Jobs, PhD Dissertation Help, Career & Scope
PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is the most demanded degree in a fields of studies. Its a research based degree program and a student of PhD contributes his share in the existing knowledge of his field of studies. Students have to write a thesis in PhD. Its a best options for those students who want to become the part of academia or any research institute. PhD degree holder is considered a scholar and authority in his field. PhD scholars are respected all over the world. Its not a program for those students, who do not have keen interest in their subject and research. If you have thirst to excel in your field then go for PhD. PhD degree is offered in almost all subjects of Science and humanities.

HEC offers many study abroad scholarships to brilliant students for PhD. If you have good previous academic record then do apply of HEC scholarships for PhD. Although some universities offer PhD degree through distance learning but distance learning PhD degree is rated low than full time PhD, yet students who can not attend regular classes can chose this option. We are receiving offers from some online universities for becoming their partner for PhD degree, after investigation we came to know that all such universities are fake and they are selling Phd degrees just for sake of money, so beware of such bogus universities.

Both full time and part time students can pursue for PhD degree. Part time students are basically the employed persons who want to get PhD degree for their promotion or increase in salary. Many students think that PhD is the end of knowledge but in my personal opinion PhD is not the end, it is the beginning in real knowledge i.e research based knowledge. You learn the research techniques, which enable you to travel on the road of discoveries. A PhD scholar learns in his whole life. He prepares many more scholars and serve the humanity by guiding the new researcher as a supervisor in universities.

Medium of instruction in Ph.D is English except except Faculty of Islamic studies and Oriental languages. Duration of Ph.d degree varies from 3 to 5 years. We have written a detailed article on PhD dissertation help, you must read it, Soon we shall write more articles on Ph.D dissertation help.


PhD Eligibility, Tips, Jobs, Thesis Help, Career & Scope

Eligibility Criteria

HEC Minimum Quality Criteria for M. Phil/Ph.D Level Studies in Pakistani Universities/ Degree Awarding Institutions
1) Sixteen years of schooling or 4 year education after F.A. /F.Sc. (130 credit
hours) will be compulsory for admission in MPhil/MS Programme leading to PhD.
2) A test equivalent to GRE test will be necessary for admission to MPhil/MS leading to Ph.D.
3) Before moving into the Ph.D program, candidates will need to complete 30 credit hours out of which 24 credit hours will be reserved for course work, which may lead to the award of MPhil/MS/Equivalent Degree.
4) The minimum CGPA should be 3.00 or First Division in MS /MPhil/Equivalent Degree for admission into Ph.D.
5) In addition, the candidates must pass subject GRE (International) test for admission in Ph.D
6) Additional Ph.D level course work of at least 18 credit hours followed by a Comprehensive Examination along with thesis defense will be essential for the award of Ph.D degree.
7) Ph.D dissertation must be evaluated by at least two experts from technologically advanced countries.
8) Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in an HEC approved journal is essential for the award of Ph.D degree.
9) The Maximum number of Ph.D students under the supervision of one Ph.D supervisor will be eight at a time.


Career & Scope
Doctor of Philosophy degree holders are given preference on other candidates in all jobs related to their field. They can get job in foreign countries too. They can easily get Skilled immigration of USA, UK,Australia,New Zealand or any other developed country.But we hope that you will prefer to serve your country.

Employment Areas 
International Journals
Research Institutes
Higher Education Department
Print Media
Electronic Media
Industry related to their field
Consultancy firms
Book Publishers

Job Types
PhD Supervisor
Book Writer

Super Tips

1-Try to improve your communication skill as you will have to communicate with students and international researcher in future.

2-Continue to write for international journals as it will make your profile more attractive.

3-Stay in touch with the latest researches in your field.

4-Even after joining any university as professor continue to research on different topics of your field.

5-Try to write books on your field to transfer your experiences and researches to the next generation.

6-Never ever copy the research of any other person in your thesis. It can destroy your career.

7-Beware of fake online universities.

8-Never relay on PhD dissertation help agencies.

9-Don’t be panic for a job after getting your degree and never lose heart, you will definitely get a highly paid job if you will remain in winning state of mind. Ok,i will like to tell a story of my class fellow, who did his doctorate in History and he found a job of just 8000 rupees monthly salary in Lahore fort after six months of completing his degree. He accepted this offer and continued to apply in foreign universities at last after one year he got a job of 4000$ in USA. Now he is a US citizen and assistant professor of History in a reputed university. So never give up and continue to fight till the final victory.

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