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Philosophy Definition, Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

All About Philosophy Meaning, Jobs Career and Scope   

What is Philosophy?
Philosophy is the study of basic problems like fundamental beliefs, disciplines of science and humanities, mathematics, reason, existence, logic, mind, religion, knowledge, values, reality ethics, aesthetics, language, and ideology. It is the mother of all disciplines of Knowledge including science, ethics, religion and humanities. A philosopher tries to solve the basic question of human life. His life revolves around five Ws i.e Why, where, when, what and who. Some philosophers also include how in this list.

Philosophy is a subject only for genius students who have an urge to discover the realities of life. No other subject or discipline of knowledge of the world is a better study option for knowledge lovers. Philosophy not only makes a person ideal but also makes him example for others. If you want to learn the reason of every thing/happening even religious rituals then study Philosophy.

Philosophy Definition Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

Philosophy Definition Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope

Career & Scope of Philosophy
Many universities in Pakistan are closing the Philosophy departments due to low demand of this subjects in students. Its shows that both our students and educational institutions are not aware of the the importance of Philosophy in human life. Its the one of the most important reasons of our fall in all fields of life. Now a days world has become very materialistic and people want to study a subject with great scope, still i will recommend all the students to study the Philosophy books at least privately. This subject will widen your vision and you will be able to write on all subjects.

This subject will not only polish your logical reasoning and analytical reasoning skills. Both these skills are the prerequisite of success in all fields of life. All inventions, theories and philosophies are the result of hard work of Philosophers of past. We can prove the reality of our religion too Philosophy. Some people also describe this subject as the theory of all subjects. If you want to excel in life than please study at least the basics of this subject.

West has made progress in all fields of life due to their edge in Philosophy. Muslims have also produced some great philosophers like Avicenna,Ibn Tufail, Rumi, Ibn Khaldun, Averroes, Jami, Ibn Arabi, Al-Ghazali, Al-Farabi, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, Allma Muhammad Iqbal etc. Greece is considered the birth place of Philosophy. Muslim philosophers played a great role in the renaissance of Philosophy. West used the Muslim heritage in Philosophy for its renaissance. Now again we need to excel in this field for rapid progress in Science and other fields of knowledge. This subject will also provide your inner satisfaction. You will know the

Salary & Jobs For Philosophy Students
A person with a degree in Philosophy can get a job in any field of life due to his developed analytical and logical reasoning skills. He can write on any topic, so becoming an writer/author is not an issue for him. He can easily clear job interviews and written tests due to his wide and in-depth logical knowledge about life. Believe me that an master degree holder in Philosophy can earn more money in business than an MBA degree holder. Its an reality that no one can defeat a true philosopher in any field so you study this subject or not at least read the basics of Philosophy and your own subject. A master degree holder in this field can easily get a lecturer job due to low competition. He is given the salary and facilities of grade 17 in government colleges. Visit the best career counseling website of Pakistan and its facebook page daily for guidance about different career options.