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Physics Career, Scope, Jobs, Business Ideas & Salary

BS, MS, MPhil, PhD, MSc Physics Jobs, Business Ideas, Salary, Career & Scope  
Physics is one of the most important basics sciences. All the universe is working on the principles of Physics. Physics have brought a revolution in our lives. Physics has proved that Holy Quran is the a divine book. Theories of Physics are applied in almost all the disciplines of science. Human has conquered the space due to astronomy which a branch of Physics. Nuclear Physics has not only solved the energy crisis but also have discovered medicines for large number of fatal chronic diseases. Almighty Allah says in Holy Quran that he has created every thing in pairs and physics have proved that there is a anti universe and anti particles too, that’s why i call it a holy discipline of Science.

Modern Physics have solved the many problems of human beings, still there is a much room for further research in this field. Will you believe that now Physicist are working to change the human being in to waves and they are sure that within 200 years it will be reality. HAARP technology is also a reality. Now Physicists can control the weather too. Its just because of law of nature. In fact next millennium is the millennium of Physics. Our generation has experienced the wonders of Physics during last 25 years. We have entered from analog to digital world.

Physics Career, Scope, Jobs, Business Ideas & Salary

Physics Career, Scope, Jobs, Business Ideas & Salary

Its a subject for research minded students who want to discover the laws of nature. My father is a professor of Physics in a foreign and he says that human beings are alive due to current, which runs in our body, doctors detect it through ECG and human life can also be increased by balancing the current and magnetic field in human body. There are yet many unrelieved phenomenons in the world. Origin of the majority of the engineering disciplines is Physics like Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Nuclear, Telecommunication and Urban engineering.


Career & Scope
Medical physicist
Writer of Scientific Books
Industry of different kinds
Software Development
Science journalist

Due to their skills in numeracy and data analysis Physicists can also perform well in the field of finance and business. A master degree holder in this subject is given 17th grade as lecturer or research assistant, but we shall recommend you to go for MPhil and PhD as competition has increased a lot in all fields of life. My father is a MSc Physics but he was elected on a PhD seat in King Saud University Riyadh in 1980 due to his research work. So your field of studies is your passion then you may easily excel in your career. Even after his retirement he is researching on medical physics and in spite of offers from many local colleges and universities he is not ready to join them just due to his love for research. So brothers if you will go for excellence then making money will not be an issue for you.

Recommended Business For Physicists
Software Development
Biomedical equipment sales
Solar equipment
Production and Sales of Electrical Equipment
Computer games designs
UPS Production
Computer Hardware Business
Renewable energy