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Physiology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Core Topics & Required Skills

Physiology Introduction, Jobs, Required Abilities, Subjects, Degrees, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad   
Physiology is all about the function of about the working and functions of different parts of organisms like body systems, organs, tissues and cells. Its an important basic medical sciences like Anatomy,Pathology and Microbiology. All medical students study Physiology in almost all medical related degrees and diplomas like MBBS, BDS, DPT, DVM, Pharm-D, BHMS, BEMS, DHMS, FTJ. Medical students who want to join medical colleges as lecturer also prefer to study Physiology in their postgraduate programs due to its great scope.

Physiology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Core Topics & Required Skills

 Physiology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Core Topics & Required Skills

Its an important subject for experts of Anatomy, Pathology and Pharmacy too. If you understand the normal working of body parts then you can easily understand the abnormal changes caused by diseases or germs. This will help you in the pharmacists and scientists for discovering the medicines.

Core Topics, Subjects Syllabus & Curriculum of BS
Here we have given the subjects taught in BS Physiology.
Functional Anatomy and Physiology
Cell and Molecular Biology
Prokaryotic Physiology
Academic Reading and Writing
Gastroenteropancreatic Physiology
Plant Physiology
Physiology of Circulation and Blood
Microbial Anatomy and Physiology
Muscle Physiology
Principles of Immunology
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Cardiovascular Physiology
Pulmonary Physiology
Renal Physiology
Principles of Human Nutrition
Physiology of Behavior
Reproductive and Developmental Physiology
Physiology of Special Senses
Comparative Physiology
Environmental Physiology
Physiology of Health, Fitness and Exercise
Research Methodology
Physiological Techniques
List of Compulsory Subjects in BS
English for Employment (EFE)
Advanced Academic Reading and Writing
Communication Skills
English for Academic Purpose (EAP)
Islamic Studies
Computer Applications in Biology
Pakistan Studies
Although evolution theory of Darwin was 100% wrong still you will be taught this so-called theory too(If you have any doubt about my statement about evolution theory, he/she must study the books of Turkish Islamic creationist Haroon Yahya). Muslim scientists have played a great role in the development this basic medical science. Ibn al-Nafis was real discoverer of blood circulation but West wrongly claims that it was the discovery of William Harvey. Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen) was the first expert of physiology of eye. Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi and Avicenna also worked a lot in this field.

There is a great scope and room for researchers in this field. Still we need to discover even many basic realities about this basic medical field. You can become the next great physiologist.

Required Skills
Interest in basic medical sciences
Urge to do research or teach
Good communication skills as majority of physiologist prefer to join academia or research labs.
Creativity and scientific approach
Humanity lover
Problem solving ability

Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Medical Colleges
Dental Colleges
Pharmacy Colleges
Veterinary Colleges
Schools of Physical Therapy
Paramedical Institutes
Pharmacological Labs
Medical Research Journals
Government & Private Hospitals
Research Laboratories
Homeopathic and Traditional Medicines Colleges
Botanical and Agricultural Research Labs
Biological Research Firms
Academic Publishers

Job Types
Sports Scientist
Rehabilitation Specialist
Forensic Scientist
Consultant of Insurance Companies
Academic Books Writer
Lab In-charge
Writer of Medical Research Journals
Reproduction Technologist
Medical Researcher

If you have failed to become a doctor then become the teachers of doctors but for this purpose you will have to get at least MS/MPhil or PhD degree. Its a great alternative of MBBS or BDS. I have studied this subject in BSc Homeopathy and it was my favorite subject as its very interesting subject for true medical students, I highly recommend FSc students to think about this option very seriously. By the grace of Almighty Allah you will be able to get a reasonable job. BSc, BS, MSc, MS, MPhil and PhD are available degree in this field in Pakistan. A career sensitive person must go for PhD degree but last but no least go for this field only in case of your interest in this field.