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PIA Jobs 2024 – Career, Scope, Super Tips & Guidance

Golden Tips About All Latest PIA Jobs 2024 – Career, Scope & Guidelines  
If you want to get a government job then exclude PIA from the list of departments in which you are going to apply, as present government has decided to privatize PIA. Pakistan International Airline was pride of our country few decades before, but now it has become a liability for us. Government has rightly decided to privatize PIA. Thousands of people were recruited in PIA illegally, just like Pakistan Railways, NBP, Police and Revenue departments.


PIA Jobs

PIA Jobs 2024- Career, Scope, Super Tips & Guidance


PIA has also become a sick department of government. Now either government should give golden hand shake to all current employees of these departments or privatize these departments immediately. There is a third option too that government should conduct new tests for current employees of these departments for selecting best human resource. All those employees who will fail in this test must be dismissed from their jobs. I personally know a so-called engineer, who has got a job PIA on the recommendation of regional political party of Karachi.



Job Types at PIA

PIA offers a wide range of job opportunities in 2024. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or a specialized role, PIA can help you out in this regard. Some of the PIA job types available include;

1. Flight Attendant

2. Pilot

3. Aircraft Engineer

4. Customer Service Representative

5. Ground Operations Staff

6. Cargo Handling Staff

7. Security Personnel

8. Administrative Staff


Each job type requires a unique set of skills & qualifications. For example flight attendants should have excellent customer service skills, while pilots need to possess a valid pilot’s license. It is mandatory to carefully review the requirements for each job type before applying.



Pakistan International Airlines Jobs 2024 Guide

Present government is trying to enforce merit policy for the recruitment in all government departments, but still many departments are recruiting employees through departmental tests. Some departments are hiring the services of NTS. I am against both these methods of recruitment. All government jobs of above 16 grade must be filled through public service commissions. Public service commissions should be given more independence. For below grade 16 grade posts provincial and federal governments should establish public testing agencies just like the government of KPK.



PIA Jobs 2024

Remember that government of KPK has established public sector provincial testing agency i.e ETEA. Performance of ETEA is much better than NTS as it delivers results in just 24 hours after the conduction of test. Still government of KPK is hiring the services of NTS. Please tell me why? Every one of you know the reason, but you will also not tell the truth just like me as our legal system don’t accept the circumstantial evidences. Provincial testing agencies should be given full protection under the constitution of Pakistan. No private testing agency should be allowed to take recruitment tests for government jobs, Government should also impose ban on departmental recruitment tests and interviews. These departmental recruitment tests are promoting corruption and nepotism in Pakistan. High officials of government departments recruit their relatives on the quota of politicians.



PIA jobs are not recommended for you at present as future of PIA is not clear till now and there is not any set recruitment procedure or policy for PIA jobs. Generally in so-called written tests and interviews for PIA jobs, questions are asked about the post, for which you have applied. Sometimes questions about GK, current affairs. Science, Indo Pak history, Pakistan studies, Islam, mathematics, computer science, Urdu and English languages are also asked.



Interview questions are related to your field, but final selection depends upon the political recommendations, so if you are talented student then ignore the PIA jobs as PIA is a titanic of Pakistan and it can sink any time. If you have any relative in politics or management of PIA then you can hope for job in P.I.A. Otherwise forget this option and try your luck in other government fields for avoiding disappointment.



Final Words

There are some fields where you may compete and expect the observance of merit like engineering professional and air hostesses’ jobs. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria for PIA jobs 2024 then apply but don’t increase your expectations in spite of good performance in written test and interview. Lucky persons can get job on merit too specially in present regime. We have written detailed articles on aptitude test, psychological test and job interview. You must read these articles for further guidance. Visit top educational website of Pakistan ( and its facebook page for guidance about latest government and PIA jobs 2024. You may also like our following articles.


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