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PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls

Breaking News- PMDC Introduces Quota System in Medical & Dental Colleges
Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has introduced quota system in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. Now both male and female students will be given equal seats in medical and dental colleges. PMDC took this decision in its 137th meeting. As per newspaper report this system will be implemented from current year. Final approval of this decision will be given in 138th meeting of PMDC which will held on 27th September.


President of PM & DC Prof Dr Masood Hameed will preside over the meeting. He said in his interview with a leading national newspaper that open merit is not being eliminated rather seats will be distributed on equality basis among male and female students. PM & DC took this decision due to increasing number of female students in medical and dental college. Almost 70 percent females get admission in medical colleges every year on merit basis but majority of them about 75% leave their profession after marriage (But what about those male doctors who flew to Middle East & Europe every year).

Its a controversial decision as female students and human right activists are opposing it and taking it as decision based on gender discrimination. Dr Amir Bandesha President Young Doctors Association has claimed that present body of PM & DC has not right to take such decisions as its authority has been challenged in Supreme Court of Pakistan and Supreme Court has given a decision in favor of open merit which PM & DC can not declare null and void. Female students has announced to launch a movement against this decision as they will have to face more competition after this decision. Many Principals of medical colleges have also declared it a unbalanced and unfair  decision but male students and senior administration of public hospitals  are welcoming it.


We agree with this argument that majority of female doctors can not continue their practice due of our social system but at the same time its a fact that our females are more talented then male students so PMDC should adopt some middle solution to resolve this issue such as an affidavit can be taken both from male and female students that they will serve at least for few years after graduation in public hospitals or seats of male students can be increased.

Is This  Gender Discrimination or Equality Between Both Genders? 


What is your opinion about this expected decision. It is not clear till now that when this decision will be implemented as different sources are giving different statements and situation will be cleared after the 138th meeting of PM & DC. Is this just or discriminatory? If you any any better solution then share it with others.

You can read the details about PMDC introduces 50, 50 % quota system in Medical Colleges for boys & girls  in Urdu in different newspaper cuttings below this page. Stay in touch with us for latest breaking news alerts.


PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls

PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls


50 thoughts on “PMDC Introduces 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges for Boys & Girls”

  1. PMDC decision is merely discriminating.quota system must not be followed .it will result into a very feirce competion among pakistan medical profession is the only one safe for women.

  2. Quota system is very good as it is not discriminating it is just 50 50 seats not 70 30 or any other else it must be implemented most of the girls study just to have a good marriage but what about boys they study to uplift a whole family so what do you suggest that boys would succide

  3. There should be no such system. It should be open. If there are girls out there who can do better, then let them. Don’t limit them. Same goes for boys. There’s no need to involve gender during admission process.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!
    A better suggestion by PMDC as shortage of doctors is in its way to the future PAKISTAN. It must be implemented much before now. But on the other hand it is an act of injustice towards girls who are really hardworking than boys. But there should a mid way to solve these issues one is already suggested by PMDC the other is to increase or enhance seats or to build more colleges to facilitate the candidate seeking to be admitted in medical universities.

    • Its is a need of the hour decision. My personal family experience is that we have 7 cousins and none of them entered practical medical practice. They only took medical to gain good prospects and become trophy wives.
      In my humble opinion this should be also be followed in engineering, MBA education etc where again the practical life practice post education is minimal.

  5. what discrimination????? 50 50 is not a discriminating infact this step is the need of an hour… what will govt. do in future when 80% of doctors will be females and from them 90% will refuse to deal with male patients due to social issues.. tell me.. ans me… reply me… any ans of this??? i knw that medical is safe profession for girls but it doesnot means that it is the only profession for girls … what about teaching profession?? isn’t another safe profession???? the thing is that most of girls do medical education just for good marriage proposal and this thing is really dangerous for the medical proffession… !!!!

  6. ITs not a good descision as there should be equality but what about those girls who do well but will have to face a strong competition on the other hands boys will get those seats rather easily there should be open merit not adha app ka aur adha hamara

  7. Wwweeelllllllll……..!!!!
    I dont think that it is the discrimination. 50/50 means equal not the differentiation by genus…………..
    100% boys practice but 90% of girls refuse to working because of hijab, social purpose and especiall after marriage…….
    Last 10-20 there are more girl in medical colleges than boys but they have gone….???
    Any one ans………
    Girls need M.B.B.S degree for just the good purposal fro marriage………

  8. that is not must be implemented from next year because we were not informed earlier.and that was not mentioned on prospectus. we will create fuss if it will be implemented from this year

  9. Whats the fault of those girls who are capable and willing to serve? Admin, I totally agree with your soution, Nobody can tell before time who’s gonna serve and who’s not.. If a girl wastes govt’s money than govt has right to impose heavy tax on her.. rather than snatching her right to sit in medical universities.

  10. This decision is against constitution of Pakistan article 25(2) 25(3). Ratger than begging on the social media you must challenge this notification in Lahore High Court.Supreme Court has already ruled the quota system in 1990 as un-constitutional. If some one is interested contact me on I will provide all necessary document to prove this illegal. Please use legal ways through competent lawer.This notification will not withstand against the rights provided by the constitution of Pakistan

    Any serious minded student can SMS on 03006781264 to get further information.PMDC is making mockery of constitution.

  11. I think quota system will be good to meet needs of our society but I dont think this is ‘Fair’ at all because its the husband who is a guy who stops her wife to do job outside home. I dont think someone after doing such a tough study will like it to be wasted. Lady doctors are also much needed.Government should instead focus on making the doctors fulfill their job bonds according to which they have to serve for about 5 years probably. And if it is implemented from this year that would be really upsetting because all universities have closed admissions and an academic years of most of the girls shall be wasted. If boys really want to serve as a doctor why dont they study hard and get admission on merit? Most of the boys think its a taboo for them to study. Anyhoo best of luck everybody specially girls 🙂

  12. Beware all those, supporting to 50.50% fprmula pf PMDC,,,
    its true that some of girls dont work as professional doctors…this is also fact that the need of female doctors exceeding day by day in our socity as well as if girls dont work professionaly but girls paly a possitive roll in nation building as mother,as sister and as doughter.
    the favourant person should also think about Dr Arsalan Iftkhar (Son of R chief Justice Iftakhar Choudhry) wether is he practing as a doctor ????
    PMDC should cancle his MBBS degree and should snach the title of a DOCTOR,
    this system is being implemented only to support somebody from VIP and we will aware later as history says.
    i totaly oppose this gender division.

  13. So the Selection list for UHS has been uploaded without the implementation of quota system. Can anyone tell me about Sindh med colleges and FMDC about whether they’ll follow quota system or not?

  14. Alhamdo Lillah I have got admission in Punjab medical college Faisalabad and some of my friends will also get admission if this happens, let them be happy please sounds good .

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