Police Jobs 2021 in Pakistan, Online Preparation, Solved MCQs

Join Punjab Police Online Preparation, Solved MCQ
If you want to join police then you must have good general knowledge about its different wings, history and ranks. On this page you may read MCQs about police jobs 2021 in Pakitan. We have just given general information about police jobs on this page, soon separate posts and tests will be published on ASF, ANF, Punjab Police, KPK Police, Sindh Police, Dolphin Force, Balochistan Police, CTD and AJK police jobs 2021.


Police Jobs 2019 in Pakistan, Online Preparation, Solved MCQs

Police Jobs 2021 in Pakistan, Online Preparation, Solved MCQs

Q-Who was the first Muslim Ruler who established the Police Department.
1-Hazrat Umar (R.A)
2-Zaheer Ud Din Babar
3-Hazrat Ali R.A
4-Sultan M Fateh
Ans-Hazrat Umar (R.A)

Q2-CTD stands for what?
1-Country Terrorism Department
2-Counter Terrorism Department
3-Control Terrorism Department
4-None of these
Ans-Counter Terrorism Department

Q3-NHMP deals with __________?
2-Security of Very Important Persons
3-Traffic, Patrolling, Law & Order on Motorways
Ans-Traffic, Patrolling, Law & Order on Motorways

Q4-Which police deal with law and order situation on trains and railway stations?
2-Elite Police
3-Motorway Police
4-PR Police
Ans-PR Police

Q5-Dolphin Police force has been established to overcome _________?
2-Street Crimes
3-White Color Crimes
4-Online Crimes
Ans-Street Crimes

Q6-SSU is the abbreviation of __________?
1-Special Services Unit
2-Special Security Unit
3-Standing Police Unit
4-None of these
Ans-Special Security Unit

Q7-How One Can Become ASP?
1-Through PSC Exam
2-Through Departmental Test
3-Through CSS Exam
4-Through NTS Exam
Ans-Through CSS Exam

Q8-SHO is the abbreviation of _________?
1-Station Home Officer
2-Station House Officer
3-Special House Officer
4-None of these
Ans-Station House Officer

Q9-Which wing of police perform the intelligence duties?
1-Special Branch
3-Dolphin Squad
4-Operational Branch
Ans-Special Branch

Q10-CID stands for ________?
1-Crime Investigation Department
2-Central Investigation Department
3-Counter Investigation Department
4-None of these
Ans-Crime Investigation Department

Q11-Which police wing is also known as “Police Commandos”.
1-Special Branch
3-Elite Force
4-None of These
Ans-Elite Force

Q12-Shaheed Chaudhry Aslam Khan was ___ in Sindh Police?

Q13-Which Unit of Punjab Police is Responsible For security of foreigners working at different projects of national importance.
1- SPU
3-Elite Police
4-Dolphin Force

Q14-CPLC is the abbreviation of __________?
1-Capital Police Liaison Committee
2-Central Police Liaison Committee
3-Citizen Police Liaison Committee
4-None of These
Ans-Citizen Police Liaison Committee

Q15-Which is the Police Helpline Number in Pakistan?

Q16-Do You Know Anything About FSF?
1-FSF was a Federal Security Force During PPP Govt (1972 to 1977)
2-Female Security Force
3-Financial Security Force
4-None of These
Ans-FSF was a Federal Security Force During PPP Govt (1972 to 1977)

Q17-What is FIR?
1-First Information Report
2-Final Information Report
3-Fire Information Report
4-None of These
Ans-First Information Report

Q18-What is MP?
1-Military Police
2-Military of Pakistan
3-Mardan Police
4-None of These
Ans-Military Police

Q19-Name at Least One Paramilitary Police Force of Pakistan?
2-Elite Squad
Ans-FC (Frontier Constabulary)

Q20-Special Combat Unit SCU is a wing of ________ police?


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