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Precis Writing Examples, Tips, Rules & Exercises

All About Comprehension and Precis Writing – 20 Super Tips 
Today we shall share some useful comprehension and precis writing examples and tips with our readers. These comprehension and precis writing examples and super tips will help you not only in English B paper of any class but also in competitive exams. Read these tips carefully and follow the given instructions for securing the good marks in exams.

Precis Writing Examples, Tips, Rules & Exercises


Precis Writing Examples, Tips, Rules & Exercises

Twenty Super Tips For Precis Writing 

1-Read the given passage at least for three times for understanding the meaning of each and every sentence and word.

2-Note the key words/key points of the passage. You may also underline them on question paper. It would be better to write them on the back of question paper or on rough paper in your own words.

3-Always write the precis in your own words.

4-Length of precise should be one third of the the original passage.

5-Write the precis in the just one paragraph.

6-Write the total count of words at the end of the precis.

7-Never miss any key point during precis writing.

8-You may change the order of the key points but cannot change the main theme.

9-Precis is always written in indirect form and third person.

10-Neither add your own views nor comment on any statement of given passage.

11-Read the last sentences of the passage very carefully. It will help you in understanding the main theme of the paragraph. It will also help you in suggesting a appropriate title for the passage.

12-Give the title of each paragraph in your mind. Now first reply the given questions and then write the precis. My English teacher used to say may that answers given questions at the end of passage helps a lot in precis writing.I always find this tip very useful.

13-Leave the irrelevant details given in passage. Just use key points at the time of precis writing. Use the main theme of each paragraph while precis writing.

14-Ignore the dialogues, interrogative sentences and incidents at the time of precis writing.

15-First of all make the structure of precis in your mind in the form of outlines. Then write these outlines and key words on a rough paper. Now use these key words and outlines for precis writing in your own words.

16-You are allowed to use the words from the original text but kindly change the structure of the sentences.

17-Change the direct sentences of the original passage into indirect.

18-If you can not understand the meaning of any word or sentence then leave it and write your summary as per the remaining understandable keywords.

19-If you can not understand the meaning of majority of the words of sentences of the the given passage, then add few general sentences in your precis but never leave this important question in the exam. Here is the example of some general sentences for precis writing.

This passage is about ……………. Writer is trying to describe the pros and cons of ……………… Language used in the passage is neither difficult nor easy, but according to the ideas. Writer has expressed his views with masterly hands.

20-Read our articles on summary writing and reading comprehension passages too for further guidance.

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